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Acrylic, which is formed by one or more derivatives of acrylic acid has many uses in the world today and is especially useful for businesses. It is a solid, versatile and reliable substance that is used in a variety of products to make them sturdier and more durable, which in turn makes them last longer and requires less maintenance therefore saving money. It can withstand the rough-and-tumble environment that so many businesses require of it.


Acrylic is lightweight and easy to store and transport. Products made of acrylic can be mounted on walls, desks, and other surfaces without a great deal of fuss or manpower. Maintenance is also a great feature of acrylic. It has a smooth and seamless surface which means periodic good wipe-downs are all you need to keep it clean and looking good.

Acrylic v Glass 

Acrylic is the perfect substitute for glass due to it being much safer than glass. Uses of an Acrylic Sheet rather than a glass sheet include for example in fish tanks and greenhouses due to the fact that acrylic allows through more UV light than glass.

Medical Uses 

Medical products tend to use acrylic over glass due to acrylic being stronger and safer than glass. Acrylic is less dense than glass which also means that equipment or products made with acrylic can be produced much cheaper.

Strength and Clarity of Acrylic 

Acrylic is about 17 times stronger than glass and add the fact that acrylic lets through more light uses of acrylic range from motorcycle windshields and helmet visors to aircraft windows and even spaceships use acrylic.

Common uses of Acrylic 

More obvious or common uses of acrylic include products for your home and office which can range from coffee tables to tv and display stands. Even false nails can be made from acrylic!

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