There are literally hundreds of ways to earn some extra cash online. From building websites and monetizing them with ads, affiliate marketing, email marketing, drop shipping, online stores, niche sites, online mlm programs, social media, selling eBooks, videos and membership sites and a bunch of others.

All the above mentions methods though require you to actually have some kind of knowledge around the method you are going to choose to make method. If you are completely new, then this will cost you both in time and money until you learn all the secrets.

There is one method though that allows you to ‘’jump in’’ by creating an account and start earning money immediately. It is called the lazy guys way to earn money online.

The method is called paid to click.

Paid to click websites are sites that pay you a couple of cents each time you click on an advertisement and watch it for a specific amount of time. You will not earn much every day, but taking into consideration that you only sit in front of your computer for 10 minutes and you simply click on ads then he earning are fair enough.

Now there are thousands of paid to click websites out there but most of them (over 90%) never get to pass 6 months of life. The reason is that the competition is very big leaving almost NO Room for new paid to click sites to enter the market.

As I was writing this post I searched Google for the most trusted and best paid to click websites and I ran on a website called bestptcwebsites.com .This website is something like the Wikipedia of paid to click websites. It has a ton of articles regarding paid to click sites buy most importantly it hosts in its home page the best ptc sites that are available for you to join.

If you want to really succeed in the paid to click market I suggest joining all the websites that bestptcwebsites.com suggests and click on the advertisements that are available every day. You can do this through your tablet while watching your favorite TV show or while waiting for the food to be cooked.

It will take you only 5 minutes for each website. Of course these websites offer other methods to earn money as well, such as completing tasks, offers and watching videos – but they require you to spend more money.

If you have the available time then spend more time completing tasks, offers and watch videos and earn even more. It’s all up to you.

I highly recommend you check the paid to click websites suggested by clixsensesucces.com, join them, play with them a little and then come back here and tell us your comments. If you need any help, I’m sure the guys at clixsensesuccess.com will happily help you.


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