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Extended Validation Certificate

An Extended Validation Certificate (EV) is an X.509 public key certificate which is issued as per any specific set of identity verification criteria. Presently, these criteria need extensive verification of requesting entity’s identity sometime by certificate authority before this kind of certificate is issued. All these certificates has been issued by CA under EV guidelines that are not structurally different from any other certificate but are made with CA-specific policy identifier with the intention that the EV-aware software can recognize them.

Now-a-days these criteria for issuing EV certificates are defined by guidelines for Extended Validation Certificates. This entire guideline is generated by CA/Browser Forum, voluntary organization whose members include leading different vendors of Internet software & representatives from legal and audit professions.

In order to issue these criteria CAs must have to follow some detailed insurance requirement which aim to:

–          Simply set up legal identity and operational as well as physical presence of website owner.

–          Also create that the applicant is domain name owner or has some exclusive control more than domain name.

–          Make sure to confirm identity and authority of individuals acting for website owner and these documents pertaining to legal obligations are signed by authorised officer.

This extended validation SSL certificate needs longer checking process before it can be authorised which means that your website will get highly trusted and protected by anyone whoever uses it. All these certificated are highly secured as they completely link company information with domain name. You will also get total protection from phishing attacks so that customers may feel secure whenever they can see which is being used. This also guarantees protection while doing online transactions and enable consumer to feel safe while using their website.

Key Benefits of Extended Validation SSL:

  1. Lower shopping cart abandonment
  2. Enhance transaction conversion rates
  3. Also show customers that you care about their security
  4. Just set you apart from your competitors
  5. Provide protection from your brand from phishing schemes

Sometimes most of extended validation SSL certificates are compatible with main browsers such as Google Chrome, IE 7.0+, Mozilla 3+ and Opera 9.5+. Now it is also possible to work with browsers for mobile handsets including Safari for iOS, Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer, Blackberry, Net front 3.0+ and many more. Now-a-days Comodo Extended Valuation SSL certificates are the most popular type in this field.

While using this certificate, users can see green address bar whenever then enter their site so that they actually feel confident. You can also see name of any specific company which has presently issued SSL certification. At GoGetSSL, you will find out different list of certificates and also can compare various brands as well as types in order to find out how they offer. Also check all the documents that you need to achieve those certificates.

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