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images (22)Today the world is passing through the most parallel technology. With huge work done in field of science and technology, today the world has become a global village. The best medium of communications and interactions is a place called social media sites. Facebook is a unique social media site which was established by a software engineer Mark Zuckerberg. He has made the social networking site of facebook as best place for fast communication, interaction and entrepreneurship across the globe. Facebook has redefined the best possible ways of communication and systems of interactions in present world. Social networking sites are wrapped with popularity today. The fashion of social networking sites is on high heels today due to their latest happenings and enhancements. A place is admirable more by the users when it keeps on adding new tactics, options and icons for boosting traffic towards their forums.

Best Social Networking Media Website

Facebook has been rated as one of the best social networking sites by the people across the globe. There are a large number of enhancements which have been made on this social media site. The enhancements include large graphical photos, visuals, graphics and maps of places visited by you. The maps come up on your profile when you are making a check in of your respective visited place. This has popped up as a recently added option to facebook. This social media site has prescribed rules and laws of copy rights. This enables the users to prevent themselves from option of copying someone else work and showing it as your own created work.

Latest happenings on facebook

Facebook has been recorded for making their settings, icons and options more fascinating by adding latest and new updates. Facebook has added following new options to their panels which has made this social networking site unique from other engines
• Facebook has recently added an option of news feed to their medium. This enables the users to see what their friends have recently shared and uploaded. This technology of news is known as “feed”.
• Facebook has recently updated itself to the unique option of timeline which allows the users to have a look on photos of their friends and allows the users to keep a track of recent activities of added friends in the list.
• Facebook has added a feed for your music players. It adds up the lists of your favorite music play lists and keeps on harmonizing your ultimate music beats.
• “Following” this option has been added by this social media site of facebook which gives the news and latest activities of your people whom you are following on this social media site.
• Facebook has added an option of liking comments to their comment boxes. Now every user is allowed to put a like on comments of their friends.

Due to these latest happenings and availability of options Facebook social media site has become more famous among people and is the most used website today.

Thumbs up for this social networking website!


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