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Photography is an expensive hobby. With DSLR and accessories’ prices at an all-time high, you, as an amateur photographer can barely afford one; let alone paying for the lessons to teach you how to get full benefit out of your purchase.

Facebook has made it easier for amateurs to learn and even display their work.

Learning the art of photography is a long journey. People pay a lot of money to get photography lessons, but Facebook gives amateurs a chance to save it. It also gives exposure to your work as an amateur in the field, which can facilitate your learning process. Here’s how it manages that.

Facebook is completely free

Facebook, being completely free of cost, is frequented by people from all walks of life. There are countless photographers too; many of whom create pages to display their photography. Some even Buy Targeted Facebook Fans to make their photography pages look more popular. A page has every picture you shoot, which makes it your portfolio; and a portfolio having many fans is considered good by default.

Experts can give you tips

Once you have a page, you can get opinions on all pictures you post; as comments. Some of those opinions come from professional photographers, who know more than you do about the technical aspects of photography. They correct your mistakes, and offer solutions for the errors you make in your pictures.

Experts have their own pages too

Experts have their own photography pages on Facebook too. They post their own pictures on those pages, along with each picture’s EXIF data (the camera settings used for that particular photograph). This gives you the chance to learn more about camera settings; and how each component influences the photograph. Some are even kind enough to respond to queries by amateur photographers.

Your page means your samples are just a click away

If you are considering turning your hobby into a part-time job, there is nothing more convincing as a CV than your Facebook photography page. People who are hiring photographers hardly ever ask for anything but samples. Your page offers a diverse variety of pictures shot by you in different light settings and backgrounds, which can help you to get clients or events to shoot, should they like what they see on your page.

As an amateur photographer, if you use Facebook properly for learning, it can give you a lot of practice and a lot of unique and useful tips for consistent improvement.


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