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Galaxy Note 5 Would Take The Smartphone Era To Next Level With Its Amazing Specs

Samsung just launched Galaxy Note 4 and for last 3 years the company is coming up with Note series smart phone mostly in the month of September. This has lead to a great amount of rumor that during the month of September 2015 the company will launch it’s Note 5. With this galaxy series launch Samsung has made one thing clear that it is in the race to launch world’s most powerful smart phone device. Moreover, now there are rumors suggesting that competition might force Samsung to launch Note 5 earlier to its schedule.

Though Apple is also trying hard to come with something like this, but due to aggressive marketing and Android platform Samsung has managed to grab a fair share of the market. If current estimates are to be believed Samsung is getting a good response for Galaxy Note 4 as record breaking sales numbers are happening. Here are some expected features of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 explained in detail.

Galaxy Note 5 Would Take The Smartphone Era To Next Level With Its Amazing Specs

When It All Did Start Happening?

  • It was in 2011 when Samsung came up with Galaxy Note Series of smart phones. At that time the competition was quite less, but later some more smart phone, making companies started entering into the market such as LG, SONY and HTC. Though they have also managed to grab some market share, but it is Samsung which is ruling the charts.
  • One of the key points that worked in Samsung’s favor is its ability to perform much better on all benchmark tests.

What All Can Be Expected From Samsung Galaxy Note 5?

  • There are strong chances that Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will come up with an Octa-core processor, which will be based on the Exynos 64 bit chipset. There are also rumors floating in the market that it might come up with 16 core Exynos 64 bit chipset.
  • Aside to processor capabilities, there are also strong chances that a 5.9 inch screen with a true 2K resolution would also come up this time.
  • As far as RAM is concerned, it seems that Note 5 will come up with 4 GB RAM. There are complete chances that 4 GB RAM feature will be made available because this time with Galaxy Note 4 the company has managed to include 3 GB RAM.
  • Note 5 will also come up with 128GB on board memory and this phablet will have 4G and Dual Channel Wi-Fi connectivity options.

Some More Features Of Galaxy Note 5

  • As far as the battery is concerned, there are strong rumors that this time Samsung will come up with 3800 mAh battery. If you want to access internet through 4G technology and dual channel Wi-Fi connectivity, then this much powerful battery is required. Such things consume lots of power.
  • Apart from all of the features that have been discussed above the next generation note from Samsung may come up with a 21 mega pixel rear camera. Attached to this will be a special and unique OIS sensor.
  • As far as the operating system is concerned Galaxy Note 5 will have Android’s latest mobile operating system that will help you to explore the world.


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