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In our 21st century world, we have become more and more dependent on the advances in modern day technology, and none more so than the health industry. Scientists and technicians are continually developing new gadgets and equipment to analyze our health, and pioneering treatments that will save the lives of countless patients who could not survive without radical modern medicine. Now, this is more accessible than ever for me and you.

Rather than being just a fun, quirky gift at Christmas, gadgets are now being designed specifically for health purposes or even if you are just feeling under the weather. Simple, user friendly gadgets are being used across the generations to monitor and improve all manner of health conditions.

Feeling Under The Weather? There's A Gadget For That…

Consider the humble mobile phone, which is now anything but.

Our mobile devices are packed with technology that is constantly changing and updating to suit our hectic lifestyles. Our mobile phone now serves not only as a means of communication, but also an interactive diary, multifunction camera, MP3 player and more recently a personal health checker. With the explosion of smart phones on the mobile phone market accompanied by millions of ingenious apps available to download, you can now have access to your very own fitness coach or symptom checker at the touch of a button.

A great example of what you can use your phone for when you feel a little under the weather: the idea to transform your iPhone’s camera in to your very own heart rate monitor. You download a simple Cardiio app that will allow your camera to act as a bio sensor, measuring your heart rate by measuring the light reflected off your face. When our heart rate is raised, more blood is pumped to our face, thus affecting the amount of light reflected and this clever body response is what gives the camera its reading. This app is perfect for those fitness fanatics who want to achieve a certain heart rate level to optimize their workout, or equally for those who have heart conditions to help them monitor their heart rate and identify any abnormal increase as soon as possible.

Using your health mobile apps wherever you go has never been easier with mobile data and roaming available in most countries worldwide – and this allows people with busy lives to monitor their health and fitness while at home and traveling. Make sure you check your plan to ensure you get enough data in your package though – some of these apps use a large amount of data when in use. Sites like https://mobi-data.co.uk/ can help you to obtain a deal that fits in with your usage. Some of these apps also cost money – anything up to £20, so try a trial version to start with to ensure you get on with it alright.

There are many gym apps too, which can help people who have no specific ailments and simply want to track their fitness. For example, Runkeeper, which allows runners to track how far they have run, how many calories they have burned off, and how they have improved since their last run.

So what will you choose? With the many gadgets and apps available, you can monitor your conditions and keep on track of your health. Of course, we are not saying this replaces a real GP. All concerns should be discussed with a Doctor too!


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