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Size of the hard disk is always one of the main factors to be considered while purchasing a PC. Ugly or beautiful, let’s face it! Hard disk may crash any time, no matter whether your PC is a new one or an age-old one, leaving you frustrated of losing all your crucial files. When technology was not very much developed, business owners suffered tremendous setbacks without a proper back up. But, this era has provided you with many technologies of creating a back up of your files, creating a Disk Image is one of the “Savior” methods of having back up.

Creating a Disk Image is simpler, however you need to ensure that copying of files and restoration are done perfectly. If the process is carried out properly then, there wouldn’t be any need of re-installation of operating system to get back the actual form of files.

Now that you know about this technology, you might be curious to know as how you go ahead with the process of creating Disk Image.  Before we start with the steps, make a note of the fact that most common extension of disk images are- ‘.iso’, ‘.bin’, ‘.img’, and ‘.cue’. The extension differs for Mac systems and it is ‘.dmg’.

Let us see what has to be done for creating a disk image, in detail. First of all, you need to set your ActiveFile Recovery Console. Once it is done, set the storage device where you want to create an image in, open up the Create Disk Image dialog box. Search for ‘Create Disk Image’ feature and click on it, select the part of hard disk you want to copy. In the dialog box, navigate for the compression ratio and all other needed specifications for your convenience.

Monitor the progress of the process to make sure that desired content is copied to destination device, however you can stop the process anytime by pressing ‘Stop’ button.

So, this is all about Disk Image. A point which is notable here is that, the storage device should be different from source device and now, we believe that you are all set to go for Disk Image

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