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If you are thinking about forming a new company, one of the smartest things you can do from the beginning is have it formed under the supervision of a licensed accountant. By taking the extra step to assure that your business is established the right way, you are less likely to run into technical troubles later. Forming a corporation is a complicated process and in order to meet standards, it must be created the right way from the beginning.

Company Formation in Vanuatu Offers Tax Advantages

When you take the extra time and do some planning before launching your business, you will find that company formations in Vanuatu is a smart decision. Corporations that are based here can greatly benefit from the tax shelter it provides. The country is not subject to income tax, withholding tax or capital gains tax, so businesses formed here get to retain more of their earnings and profits. At the end of the quarter and the tax year, this can be a substantial amount of retained earnings. By making the simple decision to incorporate your business in a country that protects the wealth of the companies founded there, you are protecting your wealth for the long run. Companies that are involved in financial services such as investing and trading in stocks as a major component of their business strategy are well-served to seek the tax benefits that Vanuatu offers them. This is especially true for businesses that take short-term stakes in publicly traded companies and then sells their shares quickly for a profit. Since they do not have to pay capital gains taxes on their trade, they get to keep all of their profit from the trading.

Build on a Solid Business Foundation

If you are ready to join the ranks of incorporated businesses in Vanuatu, you are making an educated decision. Skilled accountants are always there to help you with every aspect of your business needs and can help you formulate a plan to retain your wealth using a solid financial foundation. In today’s competitive business environment, almost no company owner wants to pay more taxes than they have to. Every dollar that they can retain is a dollar that can be used to grow the business, be put into investments or used as working capital for ongoing projects. This is beneficial to the company owners, shareholders and other people who have a vested interest in the project. Whenever a company can retain more earnings, a shareholder can qualify for a larger dividend on their investments in the business. With more companies seeking the shelter that tax havens provide, Off-shore companies are well equipped to handle the demand of these intelligent business founders. When there is a way to cut tax liabilities within the code of the law, choosing to incorporate your business in a country that has a less restrictive tax code just makes smart business sense. Over the lifetime of your business, you could save millions of dollars for getting everything set up right.


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