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Reasons Why Your PC May Crashes

You may have faced at least once in your life, suddenly your system may get crashed without your mistake. It is happening to many other users of computer around the world, there few reasons which can possible reasons for your system crashed. When the system gets crashed the system may gets handled, or it will shutdowns. The failure by crashing may leaves lost of files. These crashes are unpredictable can be raised with any kind of reason, but majorly according to most of the people who faced this situation came to find out the reasons for their PC crash, here are those.

Corrupted Files

The files in the file system are stored in registries, whenever the file registry or the files in the registry gets corrupted the PC will gets crashed downed. The registry contains the main important files that are supported to conduct and handle the performance of the system. Over the period of time files in the registry may gets modified, damaged, misplaced or get deleted then it is very hard to run the PC. When these kinds of actions will affect the registry then the system shows the symptoms in crashing manner.

Hardware Probs

Sometimes hardware functionalities also cause the system to go for crashing. In windows versions you will face these kind of hardware interrupting which will cause immediate crashing. The OS uses the programs and Request channels to communicate with all the other programs and all those programs can communicate with others using same IR channels. In this channel each request code must have a unique ID for the request, but if the request made from two different devices at once are with the same then there arises a hardware conflict which will lead to a crash.


Viruses are one more reason which are more harmful than other reasons. In the virus world, there are certain kind of viruses which will inject themselves into the files of the system and start to modify the file contents. If any hits the registry or modify the contents of registry then it will lead to periodical crashes in the PC. These viruses also copies certain kinds of codes into registry files which will change the file permissions.


Ram will helps in the PC to load and run the temporary files and save them into the memory. In general the RAM should be compatible with the processor we use in the pc. If RAM is lower than or uncompatible with the install processor, then it can’t handle the processing capacity and instructions with speed, it will create the imbalance between the process execution and RAM calculation capacity then the system will get crushed down because of the uncompatible memories and capacities.


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