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SPC Certification

The Scaled Agile Framework or SAFe is an enterprise scale use of the agile methodology. It is used for teams of agile practitioners and with minimum workforce numbering 100 and the maximum has no limits. SAFe is designed to synchronize the efforts of various agile teams working on different projects that combine to give a very large product or system. It is applicable to software as well as systems development platforms and works on the concepts of Agile Development, Systems Thinking and Lean Development. This is sure to lead you to the gaining of the SPC Certification.

Gaining Heights inn Work and Career with SPC Certification

List of the Principles

As it applies both Lean and Agile in its working model, it includes the principles of both these methodologies. They are nine in number:

  • Application of Systems Thinking.
  • Assumption of variability and preserving of options.
  • Working with an economic point of view.
  • Incremental building mindset with fast and integrated learning cycles.
  • Building milestones that are based on objective evaluation of the working systems.
  • Visualizing and limiting WIP, reducing the batch sizes, and managing length of queues.
  • Application of cadence and synchronizing the cross-domain plans.
  • Unlocking the intrinsic motivation that is present in all knowledge workers.
  • Decentralizing the decision-making system.

Solving the Problem

The development of very large scale systems involves a very large number of problems that have to be solved and overcome. Millions of software programming lines, and multiple and complex software-hardware interactions, are just some of them. SAFe practices aim to sort through the humongous nature of complexities and offer the best possible method to achieve maximum productivity at minimum costs.

Set of Values to Discuss

There are a few core values upon which the SAFe practices are based. They are:

  • Alignment: This enables the enterprises to focus on business objectives and outcomes.
  • Built-in-quality: This enables to work once and get it right the very first time. It eliminates the need to redo any given work.
  • Software: The software used in the creation of large systems has to be tested and certified before use.
  • Hardware: The hardware used should be high grade and not prone to breakdown. If needed the company should invest in the research and production of hardware with high resistance.
  • System Integration: This allows the collaboration of all separate components that make up the finished product.
  • Transparency: The entire team is able to see the work being done and makes the identification of non-performing or inefficient components easier due to the constant evaluation techniques.
  • Program Execution: The entire system of working is based on constant evaluation at preset points of time and related adaptation, which allows constant improvement.

Perfect Use of SAFe

The SAFe method is suited for very large scale industries and systems development platforms. The practitioners of this method are suited to working on an enterprise level project. They thrive in complexity and enjoy the challenges that are related to the large scale projects. Coordinating the efforts of multiple teams while keeping the company goal in mind is not a comfortable working environment for all but the SAFe practitioner excels at it. And they can also design and certify SAFe practices after they have gained the required authorization to do so. They are able to coach teams to deliver their targets while conforming to the enterprise goals. This can lead to the achieving of the SPC Certification Course Oslo.

SAFe is the best tool for effective performance on a large scale and their practitioners are in high demand all over the globe. A certification in SAFe practices can add the charm required to propel your career to great heights.


SPC Certification

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