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Quality and Cheap International Courier Services

Especially at Christmas time parcel services are used more often than in the rest of the time. There is a real bustle with every international courier service. However, the parcel delivery is not only very popular during the Christmas season, but also enjoys sufficient popularity in other months. Not only department stores or companies regularly send a parcel or parcels, for example, but also private individuals, for example, who auction off used goods via the Internet or sell them in various classified ad markets.

You Choice Now

You can choose between different shipping options, which make a parcel shipping comparison necessary for the numerous customers in order to be able to send parcel to Spain cheaply. Factors such as size, weight and destination address of the package play the most important role in determining the exact price, with the help of the shipping calculator. The bigger and heavier a parcel is, the more costly the shipping becomes. Various parcel services also have the shipment of packages heavier than 40 kg are in their offer. However, if you want to ship such heavy packages, you must expect that such a shipment will take place by means of a truck and thus a freight forwarding surcharge is required. A limitation in terms of weight can also be given in a postal package.

  • For some customers, it is more convenient to have a package sent un-free because they do not want to bear the cost of shipping and they should be taken over by the recipient. This variant of shipping, however, is associated with surcharges and risks. If the recipient refuses the postal package, it will be returned to the sender and the latter will ultimately be responsible for the costs incurred. These should be carefully considered in advance as a recipient before you want to send his package.
  • Corresponding information is obtained as a sender in a parcel shop of the selected parcel service or via the parcel service of a forwarding agency. In addition to the information on non-free shipping, you can also inquire there about the different shipping options and can bring, inter alia, experience, which conditions are to be met.

A Flexible Complete Solution for E-commerce Logistics

In summary, a flexible, all-in-one solution for online retailers is the best way to save money, time, and nerves. In addition, through the smooth delivery of the packages also increased customer satisfaction can be determined. Anyone who wants to prepare for a stressful holiday season in time can test our service at any time. On the whole, however, it is no longer a problem to send a package that is large, heavy or unusually shaped. Then only you will be able to find the best options for you now.


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