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Are you considering Cloud Services for your business? The following article will explain all that you need to know that will help you taking your decision. Cloud services have two components, the first is the computing technology and the other one is Virtualization. As the name suggests, Virtualization is a process through which the data are virtually stored. Means it is not available on any physical machine but stored on a virtual platform from where it can be retrieved any time. Cloud virtual services provide storage space, networking solutions, hardware requirements and operating system requirements as well. Cloud services are the best option available when the efficiency and security are the main concerns of a business.

 In virtual setup, a virtual machine is dedicated to a client. This machine has an operating system installed and works like any physical machine. A physical machine of host i.e. client is connected with a virtual machine i.e. guest machine of the service provider. A network setup helps connecting both these machines.

Virtualization is a cost effective method as it reduces reliance on human resource and extra software and applications. Once you have selected a perfect solution for your business, all the updates and software installations including license fee are provided by the vendors. No additional cost has to be borne by you for up-gradation. Virtual setup is perfect for applications that require network integration.

A number of technology options are available in cloud services. VMware is one of the most recommended cloud operating system. Companies across the globe are selecting VMware to increase efficiency of their IT systems. VMware is cost effective, efficient and reliable operating system that can cater to the requirements of all small and medium sized businesses.

As already mentioned, cloud storage options provide a virtual space to the clients for storing their precious data. This virtual space is owned by cloud service providers who act like third party vendors for providing data handling services to any client. Any business that requires cloud space or server services can use their platform by paying a justifiable amount as rent. The clients can host their data on as many servers as they want without physically adding any machine to their setup. Files can be stored, edited and retrieved as per clients’ requirements.

The Following Three Platforms Help Accessing Data Stored On Cloud Platforms:

1. Web service application programming interface

2. Cloud storage gateway

3. Web-based user interface

Cloud services come with limitless advantages to the businesses. Few of them have been enlisted below to help you deciding your way to virtual technology setup:

1. You pay only for the space you use, unlike a physical server, the cost of which is fixed no matter how much space you use.

2. It reduces your IT infrastructure cost both in terms of equipments and space required for server house.

3. A number of services come along with the cloud package. These services include data maintenance, backup, retrieval, etc.

This type of  IT virtualisation also allows you to disassociate your hardware requirements from your Windows server’s. Web service interface gives access to a wide range of applications that are hosted on the server of these service providers.

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