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Back in the day, the recruitment process seemed much more restricted than it does now. The only choice that you had was to go down to the employment office or read the newspaper, pick a listing that you liked the look of from the board, and then go ahead and apply. These days, the internet has thrown the world of recruitment wide open: there’s more information available than ever, and you can find all sorts of roles on websites such as LinkedIn in just a few clicks. Here’s how the technological revolution has changed the way we see the world of work forever.

Finding a new job

The internet has led to all kinds of changes in how we find out information, ranging from knowing when the next bus will arrive to what we need to secure that dream job. With many jobs boards out there full of information about which organizations have openings in your chosen field, you can easily filter your searches based on what you’re looking for and find a job that’s full-time or part-time, remote or office-based, or anything else you need – in seconds.

The nature of work

Some people have taken the benefits of the internet age even further when it comes to their work. Instead of simply using the internet to find a new job, they are using it to set up an online business all of their own! Whether you decide to start selling your designs on Etsy or do something service-based such as accountancy or virtual assistant work, the internet is full of potential.

Managing wages and payments

Paying people for their time is a basic principle of recruitment, and even that has been made simpler with the advance of the internet – especially for non-traditional workplace arrangements such as contract work. Both businesses and the contractors they employ are finding it highly beneficial to engage the services of an umbrella PAYE to manage payments, and technology makes it speedy and efficient for everyone involved.

Peer reviews of workplaces

Before the internet, you had to rely on gossip and what friends of friends might have told you about a potential workplace if you wanted to find out what it was like during the recruitment process. Now, it is different: with sites such as Glassdoor giving you the chance to get a sneak peek inside a company’s culture, you can be fully informed about what you are letting yourself in for.

No matter what industry you work in, the world of work and recruitment is rapidly altering thanks to the impact of technology. From the early processes of actually finding a job to getting our wages sorted out through speedy internet firms, recruitment has changed forever. And with workplace tech simply getting more and more advanced with every passing year, it is likely that this is a trajectory that is only going upwards – so there is a lot more for the next generation of jobseekers to look forward to.


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