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Do you own a website to exhibit your professional skills or for your business? Are you perplexed seeing the repetitive changes in your site rankings unknowingly and unexpectedly? If yes, then you ought to develop an understanding about the Google ranking factors that influence the changes in a website’s ranking.

Search engine optimization is one of the most sought after techniques to build new customers and drive more number of traffic towards the business website. By use of SEO techniques, webmasters and business owners do their level best to optimize the site’s visibility on the first page of Search Engine Results. However, off late, Google has changed its algorithm entirely with an eye to eliminate the black hat SEO websites and webmaster techniques. Though these changes are often made, it is quite like to confuse the current webmasters with the changes that have affected their website. Therefore, it is quite essential to develop an understanding of the varied Google ranking factors and the most ideal means is to visit for comprehensive information.

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Benefits of using to Grab Information

This is the best place to attain a complete packaged knowledge and understanding of the varied Google ranking factors that have affected or benefitted the world of websites. If you as a service professional or as the business owner wish to attain the top position on the Google search engine results pages, then following the website is a great help. They not only offer all the informative matter but also provide with the required suggestions that you might wish to implement on the search engine optimization marketing strategies of the website.

Top 10 Ranking Factors of Google has gone through a close scrutiny to find out the various ranking factors that mark a change in the website rankings. The study is based on varied factors like a different methodology to carry out the study and the fallen correlation for EMD. The two variable factors used were ordinal and dichotomous.

  1. Exact match Domain
  2. Keyword Anchor text Links from Domains to Page
  3. Keyword Anchor text Links from Domains
  4. Page Authority
  5. Page Google +1s
  6. Linking Domains to page
  7. Linking sub Domains to Page
  8. No text anchor text links from domains to page
  9. External links to page
  10. 10. No text anchor text links to page

There has been a tremendous amount of speculations, doubts and perplexity about the use of Google ranking factors on the search engine optimization techniques of a website. This was the major reason why came up empirical study correlating these changes and advances.

However, as per their study, the “exact match domain” attained the top place in the list of Google Ranking Factors. This has probably come up due to the efficient study done by in order to obtain the best results that’s will help the White hat search engine optimization experts work on the direct marketing strategies of the website. These factors hold good for all kinds of websites and thus, they can be relied upon at all times.


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