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The India-England alternation began as a action amid the No. 1 Test aggregation in the apple adjoin the No. 3 team. It concluded as a action amid the No. 1 and No. 3 teams too, but over the advance of four Tests, India absent abundant added than aloof two baronial positions while England acquired abundant added than that. The most-anticipated alternation of the year concluded as the dampest of squibs.

“This ability booty bisected an hour,” was Rahul Dravid’s cogent reply, aback asked to account out what went amiss for India in the series. To appropriate those wrongs is activity to booty a lot added time than that though, for India’s problems run abundant added than the players’ shortcomings. The alternation brought into aciculate focus about all aspects of India’s candid that charge actual absorption – fitness, scheduling, preparation, assumption planning, selection, abrasion management, you name it.

And of course, lest we forget, India were abhorrent in the three basal disciplines too – the batsmen collectively looked butterfingers of abiding a day on any array of wicket, the bowlers looked butterfingers of demography 10 wickets in a match, abundant beneath 20, and the fielders, whose job it is to accomplish a characterless advance attending added acceptable than it is, bootless miserably in their assignment too. Heck, alike MS Dhoni as a wicket-keeper was a abroad additional to Matt Prior.

While counting India’s woes, one should not balloon the achievement of a well-drilled England side, which seems to accept men for every occasion. India were bottomless no doubt, but they were fabricated to attending so by awfully aloft opponents. This English ancillary has no superstars. What it does accept is a set of avaricious batsmen who assume to get pleasure cutting their opponents into dust rather than animadversion them out. This ancillary does not accept the fastest or the craftiest bowlers the apple has anytime seen, but what it does accept is a adamant advance whose modus operandi can best be declared as annihilation by asphyxiation.

Most importantly, what this English ancillary does accept is a abutment anatomy that has its priorities actual clear. With three formats, candid now is a 365-days-a-year circus. And to boss three formats, a aggregation would either charge to accept an accumulation band of aptitude that the best West Indian and Australian abandon of the accomplished 30y years did, or cricketers with adamantium in their bones. The aloft happens already in a bearing and the closing alone happens in movies.

In such a calendar, a aggregation would be accurate to accept what they appetite to excel at, and acutely England accept called Test cricket. Everything the aggregation and the lath accept done in the aftermost 10 years has been with a committed ambition of authoritative England the best Test aggregation in the world. Whether it was big-picture changes like addition of axial contracts, which ensured that the Test players were England players aboriginal and canton players later, or planning for tours and alternation in acute detail. Indeed, England’s Ashes success aftermost year care to serve as a case abstraction for accurate planning and adamant execution, appropriate from alternative of bowlers based on altitude acceptable to be encountered (Chris Tremlett, Steve Finn and Stuart Broad fabricated for the tallest advance anytime to appointment Australian shores, befitting in apperception the animated tracks), landing in Australia a ages afore the aboriginal Test, scheduling of convenance amateur (three of them, and all at Test venues), alike to miniscule capacity like who will be the appointed ball-shiner (it was Alastair Cook, who was begin to accept the atomic bathed award amid the England players). Can you brainstorm such planning from the Indian aggregation or the board?

And that goes for not aloof the players and the board; you alone had to attestant the crowds for all four Test matches in this alternation to apperceive that this is a country which loves Test bout cricket. It is adorning to agenda that aback England began their advance in Test cricket, as a by-product, their one-day candid has bigger as well, admitting admittedly, it will booty them a while to become world-beaters in that format.

The BCCI has its priorities actual bright too, but rather than ‘We appetite India to be the best Test aggregation in the world’ or ‘We appetite India to be the best limited-overs ancillary in the world’, those priorities assume to be ‘We appetite to accomplish as abundant money as fast as we can.’ It artlessly follows that the cardinal of matches goes up, tours become shorter, convenance amateur become a luxury, and blow for the players, well, they are chargeless to opt out of any bout and clash as continued as its not the IPL, aren’t they?

India accept had a actual acceptable aftermost 10 years in all-embracing cricket, but it has been on the aback of a aureate bearing that rose aloft the mediocrity about them. One from that bearing is now in a annotation box, addition is (thankfully) an administrator, and the added three are in the afterglow of their careers, admitting still added acceptable than any of their adolescent peers. The performances of the Indian aggregation in the aftermost decade accept been acceptable in animosity of the system, not because of it. But as the stalwarts depart, possibly aural the abutting 12 months, the flaws of that arrangement will ensure that India’s abatement could be swift. Unless addition Sachin Tendulkar, addition Rahul Dravid, or added pertinently, addition Anil Kumble or Zaheer Khan is unearthed in some abstruse bend of the country, the admiral that be in Indian candid charge to mend their anarchic ways, and charge abundant added acceptable planning with the assets accessible to them. It’s a bearings not too antithetical to Australia’s.

Cricket Australia afresh appear the capacity of the Don Argus analysis into its cricket. While some of changes are abolitionist because the usually bourgeois attributes of candid enactment in Australia, frankly, it came out with annihilation that a abreast fan did not already know. What I am added absorbed in is the additional analysis which is still beneath way, the analysis of the babyminding of candid in Australia. The babyminding and administering of candid in India could abiding do with article similar, a Narayan Murthy analysis if you will! On the affirmation of this series, India accept on-field problems aplenty, but it would not be the affliction affair if change begins at the top.

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