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Samsung has appear four fresh handsets in its Galaxy alternation active Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

The aggregation has simplified the allocation of its Galaxy alternation which usually creates abashing amid its abeyant users. As per the fresh allotment strategy, the accessible Samsung Galaxy alternation handsets will backpack the names: Super Smart (S), Royal/Refined (R), Wonder (W), Magical (M) and Young (Y).

The flagship Android accessories from Samsung will backpack the Galaxy S branding area S stands for ‘Super Smart’. Galaxy S alternation smartphones will be top of the band smartphones with ample screens and heavy-horsepower accouterments beneath the hood.

After that comes the exceptional archetypal series, Galaxy R area R stands for ‘Royal’ or ‘Refined’. The Galaxy R alternation accessories will amalgamate power, architecture and abundance but will not accept all the appearance that the flagship archetypal has.

In the college articulation avalanche the Galaxy W alternation in which W stands for ‘Wonder’. The smartphone will affection aerial affection cardinal models for those who appetite a beautiful handset that can accomplish well.

The Galaxy M alternation – area M is for ‘Magical’ – will comprise handsets with appropriate achievement at an economical price. The handsets in the Galaxy M alternation will abatement beneath the mid-range segment.

Samsung Galaxy Y series, in which Y stands for ‘Young’, will be access akin handsets meant for arising markets and the adolescent generation.

Each of the aloft mentioned Galaxy phones will backpack added allocation which would be the key affairs point of the devices. All Galaxy alternation phones with the name ‘Pro’ will accommodate a concrete abounding Qwerty keyboard. While those Galaxy models branded ‘Plus’ will basically be an advancement from absolute models.


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