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Griffin Offers Papernomad® Compostable Sleeves for Mobile Devices in North America 

Designed and made by Papernomad; offered exclusively by Griffin Technology

Nashville, Tenn. – January 24, 2013 –  Griffin Technology, one of the world’s foremost creators of innovations for everyday life, announced the exclusive distribution rights of Papernomad® products in North America. Austria-based Papernomad develops organic, customizable, tear- and water-resistant sleeves for iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, MacBook and Galaxy S III. And, because they are made of a specially-engineered paper material, they provide the perfect canvas for personal expression and creativity.
“We are thrilled to bring Papernomad to North America; their products leave a lasting impression on people’s minds but not on the environment,” says Keavy Murphree, Product Line Manager at Griffin Technology. “With Papernomad, we offer users a sustainable way to guard their technology, as well as a canvas that allows individuals to express their imagination.”
“At Papernomad we pride ourselves in designing products that enable consumers to express their individuality while protecting their mobile device,” says Dr. Benjamin Kwitek, Co-Founder and Director of Papernomad’s US branch. “We’re excited to have Griffin on board to bring our environmentally-friendly products to North America.”
Each sleeve is made in Europe of an advanced patent-pending composite of paper, viscose fiber and biopolymer. The paper used is made from sustainably forested trees and FSC Forest Stewardship Council certified. All other materials used are compostable and organic, such as the cotton stitching, hemp pull strap, and signature wool lining provided by happy sheep from New Zealand.
Besides their environmentally conscious mission, what sets Papernomad products apart is their capacity for creative expression. Not only is the sleeve designed to look good, it can be marked with pencils, pens, and crayons, for the ultimate personalization, making each case as unique as its owner. Papernomad sleeves allow users to capture life experiences as quick scribbles, incorporating coffee stains, telephone numbers or the occasional lipstick impression.
Papernomad sleeves will be available soon for iPad, iPad mini, iPhone 4 & 5, MacBook Air (11″ & 13″), MacBook Pro (13″ and 15″) and Samsung Galaxy S III for $39.99 – $69.99 at
For more information about Griffin’s offering of Papernomad products, please visit:
About Griffin Technology
Founded on Paul Griffin’s kitchen table in 1992, Griffin Technology Inc., is today one of the world’s foremost creators of accessories for home, mobile and personal technology. Unique products such as iTrip®, PowerMate®, iFM®, iMic® and Evolve® Wireless Speaker System have broken new ground in consumer electronics and created loyal fans the world over. Today, Griffin products are conceived, designed and developed in-house, and continue to push the envelope of the industry they helped create. Learn more about Griffin’s entire range of ingenious designs at Follow Griffin Technology on and on Twitter, @griffintech.

About Papernomad®
Papernomad GmbH was founded in Vienna, Austria in 2011, and was soon followed by Papernomad USA LLC . The company grew out of a quest for industrial niches where traditional materials could be replaced by paper. Christoph Rochna, Mario C. Bauer and Benjamin Kwitek worked on the development of the paper composite since early 2010 before they found the perfect combination of materials and shareholders. Papernomad designs and manufactures green products with ecological and social imperatives in mind. They design sleeves and covers for mobile electronic devices made from a patent pending paper composite to meet the needs of modern nomads: identity, mobility and sustainability.


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