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Disturbing others or your partner while you sleep? Not only can snoring affect your and other’s sleeping habits, but it also has several health risks, including risk to your cardiovascular and respiratory systems. While snoring is usually a very comical subject, it can have some very serious consequences.


Some suggest things like getting rid of extra weight, finding medicine for allergies, getting rid of congestion, or changing what position you sleep in. First talk with your doctor about what is causing your snoring before you decide what can fix it. Sometimes solutions can be very simple while other times solutions for snoring must be more than just buying a product. Often solutions for snoring include making a lifestyle change.

One solution is medicine that is supposed to stop snoring. It’s usually a medicine that you spray into your mouth and supposedly has no side effects and is tasteless. The medicine is sold usually for about eighteen to twenty dollars. Somewhat expensive for what it is, but it claims to provide quick relief.

Another solution is the Breathe Right Strips. This product ranges in price from about five to fifteen dollars. These strips are fairly popular in the U.S. and are supposed to work by opening the nasal airways with an elastic band aid. This goes along with other’s advice concerning reducing congestion: the strips widen your airways, therefore reducing congestion, and its nasty side effects.

Another solution is what is known as a snore mouthpiece or snoring mouth guards. These products are supposed to fit in your mouth and tilt your jaw in order to open your airway. This may seem strange, but it is proven medicine. Lifeguards and EMTs are trained to tilt the jaw of victims in order to open their airway during rescue breathing. The price range for this product is usually somewhere between fifteen dollars and sixty dollars–a hefty price, but a most likely dependable product.

Other products to stop snoring include Nasal Cones, special pillows (usually made of memory foam), nose clips (they go on the inside of your nose as opposed to the outside of your nose as Breathe Right Strips would), and even shirts to fight snoring. Make your decision based on need and funds. There are several reviews online that you can find that will give you a wide variety of information on all of these products and how well they work. To read more, has more anti snoring information to reference.

It is advisable not to treat snoring as just a nuisance. It ought to be treated as a health condition. As mentioned before, it is imperative that you talk to your doctor in order to figure out the cause of your snoring before you go hunting for a solution to it. Make you decisions based on your needs and your ability to buy products or make a lifestyle change–some of these products can cost up to a hundred dollars, and when trying to lose weight, you will most likely have to make such major changes as eating a better diet and getting more exercise.


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