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When you start a new business, it’s likely that you will try to incorporate as much technology as possible into your operations. Though technology makes the office run more efficiently, jobs centered on technology are notorious for harming the health of workers. To prevent employees from becoming ill, make an effort to protect their health in the office.

Why Are Tech Jobs Unhealthy?

Jobs that incorporate technology often involve long hours, which lead to sleep deprivation and caffeine consumption. Tech jobs also typically involve sitting for long periods of time and staring at a computer screen, which can lead to physical complications and vision trouble. Employees working in high-demand positions often sacrifice lunch hours for work, which can even lead to nutritional deficiencies. When employees are sick, productivity suffers and employees experience a poor quality of life.

Addressing Basic Needs

Employees need to consume healthy foods in order to perform at their best. Make sure that your office’s break room includes healthy snacks so that employees have access to natural foods instead of unhealthy preservatives. Encourage employees to choose healthy beverages, such as water or organic tea, in place of sugary sodas and coffee. One way to do so would be to add water coolers for offices in your company. In addition, install an Aqua Pure Plus water filter in your refrigerator to remove toxins from employees’ water.

To further improve your employees’ work experiences, make sure that all employees receive ample break time to consume meals and use the restroom. Discourage your employees from working through lunch and allow them to spend some time resting each day.

Cut Crunch Time

Every business has busy weeks that require employees to work overtime. However, forcing employees to work seventy-hour weeks on a regular basis can actually diminish productivity. To prevent employee exhaustion and keep productivity high, only require employees to work overtime if you have no other choice. If you must require employees to work overtime, try to provide them with some sort of benefit other than extra pay such as a free organic lunches or discounted gym memberships.


Sitting all day can quickly diminish the health of your employees. In fact, sitting can be even worse on the body than smoking. To reduce the effect of this behavior, provide your employees with ergonomic office chairs to support their backs. You can also provide employees with standing desks to give them the option of standing up while they work. If employees spend a lot of time typing during the day, provide them with ergonomic keyboards to prevent carpal tunnel.

Natural Lighting

Many offices are bathed in artificial light. However, studies have shown that employees can benefit greatly from exposure to natural light during the workday. Natural light in the workplace prevents eyestrain, and it helps employees maintain normal sleep/wake cycles. Not only does natural light promote employees’ health, but it also improves their moods, which can contribute to productivity and an effective working environment.

A healthy, happy employee is more productive, so improve your office’s work environment for everyone. To ensure that your employees remain in good health, take whatever actions to increase the quality of each workday through healthy foods, adequate rest time and a comfortable working environment. In addition, make an effort to listen to employees’ suggestions and accommodate specific needs when possible.



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