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A Content Management System (CMS) is a software application or set of related programs that are used to create and manage digital content (1). In layman’s terms, it is a system that simplifies the content publication in websites. Its core features are indexing, search and retrieval, format management, publishing, and revision control.

  • Indexing, search and retrieval allows users to search by data characteristics;
  • Format management can turn scanned documents into HTML or PDF files;
  • Publishing allows individuals to use templates and other tools to edit content; and
  • Revisions allow updates and edits after publication while tracking the changes made (and who did them) in the document.

As a client, you can add or edit the website yourself, and you can track all the web content contributors that had access to your website.

Though the above features are advantageous to clients, formatting errors, lack of image compression, disproportionate photographs, etc. may affect the consistency of your site. In addition, if you do not have a dedicated person who will update the website regularly, then there is no point in implementing it. CMS requires technical skills that you or your employees may not have.

For the developer, CMS requires resources for the server, extra maintenance, upgrades, security patches, back-ups, training, etc. If the client has incorrectly used the system, then it can also break the site.

DotNetNuke or DNN is a free open source website and CMS based on the .NET framework. A DNN upgrade is designed to support an unlimited number of websites. Compared to other CMS, the DNN skin makes the website easier to customize and maintain a common structure across related sites without the need for technical or programming knowledge.

Another advantage of a DotNetNuke Install is the ability of administration tools to be integrated in the website, which makes it easier to make changes. In any other CMS, you have to go to a separate area to access the admin tools.

Why upgrade to DNN?

  • It is the most widely used .NET CMS platform for building application and rich websites in Microsoft.Net;
  • It provides stability, security, and support for business-critical applications;
  • Management of websites with high traffic/content becomes easier;
  • It can be incorporated with existing systems without licensing concerns;
  • It is easier to create multiple users who can update website content from anywhere in the world; and
  • The cost of application development and management is significantly reduced.

13 Below Consulting is a DotNetNuke development company. A CMS has content that is created for a website that becomes useless when it is not search-engine friendly. A DNN upgrade will provide visibility of the output pages on search engines. Though a DotNetNuke Install is free, installing and upgrading your CMS can be quite challenging at times. Our team of experts will allow a timely and simple upgrade and installs that you require.

Unlike other DotNetNuke development companies, our DNN developers have extensive experience in the latest DNN versions, including highly technical skills on skin designing, DNN administration, installation, configuration, and maintenance.




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