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The transition from a student to a young working adult can be traumatic at the best of times, and at the age of 14 or 15, a student should begin to think about a career. Some might think that a little early to be talking about employment, but in actual fact, a career selection will determine the subjects to focus on in the last two years of formal education. From an economic perspective, you want a career that pays well and also in an industry that has a solid future. If your child is approaching the age where career choice is looming, here are some useful points to bear in mind.

IT Skills

Technology is a part of everyone’s life, so whatever career you choose, you will need at least a basic knowledge of computing and be proficient with standard applications like Microsoft Office, and while some careers require IT more than others, once a person has made a career choice, they can attain the required skill levels.

Surveyors and Inspectors

Many industries require people to work in the inspection and surveying of various environmental issues, with jobs in asbestos always required, this would be a stable career with good, long term prospects. Water management is another area that is in big demand in the UK, and this type of work is interesting, plus you are actually doing something positive for the environment.

Recruitment Agencies

When looking for work, the best idea is to find an established recruitment agency, one that specialises in your chosen field. The agency will not charge you for registering, and any time a suitable position comes along, you will be notified. Specific industry recruitment agencies offer by far the most effective way to be visible in the dynamic employment market, and all the best employers would be on their books. Of course, you don’t have to accept any position, but it is nice to have the option. If, for example, you work in asbestos removal, you might be happy with your current employer, but with a constant stream of jobs in asbestos coming your way, you will not miss out on a golden opportunity.

The Career Ladder

It is very rare that a young person stays with their first employer for very long, as the natural progression involves making career changes. It might be due to lack of opportunity, or perhaps your employer does not offer additional training and you would like to broaden your horizons.

Work Ethics

Your attitude towards work will determine how successful you are in your career. Some people seem to just do enough to get by, and no more, while others are focused on doing the best job they can, and it is this type of employee who will go a long way. Of course, one would expect promotional openings to present themselves when the time is right, and on-site training is essential if you are to develop your practical working skills.

The average person will work for 45 years of their life, and in order to achieve a degree of development, and indeed success, you must make the right career choices from the outset.


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