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It all started with simple blend of HTML with CSS to create amazing layouts, but as the time goes by, new advancements have reshaped the overall and now with the perpetuation of AI tools and techniques the web design and development process is leading towards more elegance and effectiveness.

Artificial Intelligent systems are able to automate the overall work stream. The machine learning techniques have enabled machines to self-learn without feeding them with new data each time.

The systems follow the designed rules and the results that come forth are extraordinary and remarkable. Now with the employment of smart algorithms the bots and apps are designed to get advantage among variety of tools that are not target focused.

AI in UX

With the advent of modern advancements in systems just like Amazon’s delivery robots, smart virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa and Cortana and Tesla’s self-driving cars the robotic revolution has just started coming mainstream in every other industry.

The job of web designer is quite daunting, as he has to spend too much looking for the solution of a particular problem that can easily be automated with the help of artificial intelligence.

Airbnb has now made it possible to convert wireframes drawn on paper into fully coded web layouts.

Tasks that involve creativity and imagination cannot be automated with these systems, as they require human decisions making competences that these systems lack certainly. Well the designers are supposed to work in parallel with the robots to come up with amazing creations in the near future.

Adobe Sensei is a recent innovation in this regard. The tool assists designers with image modifications by specifying patterns in image and making adjustments without losing its vibe.

Machine learning

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Machine learning based system allows learning complex data patterns without human interference. The popular machine learning systems perform their executions based on data integrates into them based on the corresponding outputs.

More advanced machine learning tools have the ability to learn from experience and improve their capabilities. These systems are intended to identify complex patterns that are almost impossible to interpret. Now companies are adopting these tools hugely to get meaningful insights crucial for the business outgrowth.

Web developers and designers can make use of machine learning tools to get advantage in the shape of more refined applications that resonate with the interests of target audience.

Excellent user experience

These days, modern websites are more prone towards providing excellent user experience to visitors. Now personalization has become simpler when you are aware about the user’s background. From where he/she is accessing the website, what are his interests (that can be concluded by analyzing his presence on the web?). These creative insights can give you an idea what users are expecting from your site.

Now machine learning capabilities allows website owners to outperforms by collecting the required user data and showcasing the relevant information making it hyper-personalized that ultimately leads to more conversions.

There are tons of apps, websites and blogging channels and millions of people are connected with each other. It is almost impossible to interpret how users interact with them. For a business, it is crucial to have general information about your target audience. Analyzing data manually may take months to accumulate chunks of their information. With AI, powered machine learning algorithms it has now become possible to procure more refined results that help designers and web developers to come up with best web solutions that drive users towards areas that are more productive.

Augmented reality

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There has been seen a significant growth in the augmented and virtually reality since 2016. It possesses the capability to reshape the structure of web development industry in the coming years. Now AR applications are widely available for desktops, mobile phones and tablets, allowing sophisticated user experience with its boundless implications.

In general, the phenomenon is meant to enhance the effectiveness of digital assets. Huge numbers of online businesses are taking advantage of this technology to increase user engagements with their business domains. For instance, an eCommerce store can facilitate its customers by displaying their products in realistic 3D models by utilizing software backed up by augmented reality.

If we specifically talk about an eCommerce technology, such as Magento 2 Extensions by FME have got a huge collection of tools that have huge potential of increasing the productivity and performance of a web shop by automating the tasks.

Voice Search

Voice search technology has recently achieved a staggering outburst with multiple applications from a variety of sources. People have found voice recognition based smart tools and gadgets more flexible, friendly and effective. There market growth is expected to hike in the upcoming days.

According to an estimate” 2020 is expected to experience sales worth 2.1$ billion on VPA-enabled speakers.

As, many people prefer to explore websites through their cell phones, the need for implementation of voice based applications is significant. It is ideal to facilitate users to use voice commands for searching through your website, as it is more convenient to speak instead of typing the query.

Final Words

AI has surely transformed the ways of doing business and dealing with the customers. It is the time for web designers and web developers to leverage from AI powered tools to bring more robustness and pace in their performance.



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