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Excellent Cloud Storage Services to Store Data Online

Online file storage has become a need of fast tech world. Everyone wants to save, access and share important and interesting content online with his colleagues or friends. That is the reason behind the popularity of cloud storage tools and services. Below we are going to share best cloud storage services to make you choose the best for your needs. Moreover you can find a brief comparison of these services at BestOnlineFileStorage.net in order to have a look at all options available in this case.

Excellent Cloud Storage Services to Store Data Online


The professional cloud storage services from JustCloud are fast, unlimited and simple at the same time. Just Cloud will help your everyday activities by making your life easier. If you want to know how – here is the answer! It will automatically backup the photos, music, videos, documents, etc on your computer to the cloud so you will never have to go “offline” without having access to your file.


This is another cloud storage service – its name is SugarSync and it offers online backup and online file sharing services. Plus your files will be safe and encrypted once uploaded to the platform. And the best news is it is completely free – you can store all of your content such as photos, videos, music and documents and then have direct access to them from your phone.Memopal

This cloud storage service is known as the cutting edge of this technology because it offers lots of great features to share and store files online. It works seamlessly and it also features really user-friendly interface allowing any person who is not really good with computers to take care of everything. It is available for any operating systems iOS, Linux, Windows, Mac.


If you are looking for cloud storage service that will meet all of your needs, then probably the best decision you can make is Mozy – of course, you never know this, or not until you download it and give it a try. It offers really great protection and this is why you will have the chance to feel safe about your privacy and uploaded content. You can download it instantly and give it a try.


Another free backup client, Duplicati stores incremental, encrypted and compressed backups on remote file servers and cloud storage services. It also works with Windows Live SkyDrive, Amazon S3, Google Docs/Drive, SSH, FTP, WebDAV, Rackspace Cloud Files and many more. You can give it a try and you will see this is probably the best thing for you!
MyPC Backup

The online backup has never been easier than now. Thanks to MyPC Backup you can store and backup all of your files online and then access them from anywhere in the world. All you have to do is to make sure that you have internet access. If you want, you can sign up right away and get your free backup account as of today.


If you have plenty of files and you are looking for an unlimited online storage, then you have found the perfect solution to all of your problems – it is called OpenDrive – more than 1 million people all over the world have been using it and all of them are really happy with the final result. Plus there are special accounts for businessmen that offer additional features, so make sure to take a look at them if interested.


Another backup function that gives you unlimited online backups of your files and this is for free. The user interface is also really great so you will not have any problems.  You can easily and securely access your files from anywhere.


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