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How Can Right Body Language Land You A Dream Job

This may sound a little strange but it’s a fact that recruiters pay a lot of attention on an interviewee’s body language more than what he says and shows on documents. Body language speaks volumes about your true personality and supports your words in a huge way. There are instances during a job interview when you find yourself stuck amid a range of difficult questions; in such scenarios you may start to fumble or you may confidently express your answers. Whatever you chose will define your way of battling the fight here and the best possible antidote can be to have control of your emotions.

Here are some of the ways through which you can make your body language confident and expressive in a positive way:

1. Dig Your Wardrobe Deep

This is an important tangible aspect of your positive body language. The best antidote is to search for that one attire which heightens the positive traits of your personality and gives you a feeling of being happy. The clothes you wear impact on your personality and the way you carry yourself and if choosing to wear something fabulous and comfortable can actually elevate the confidence level. So, be wise and wear something that projects you in a more positive and assertive manner.

2. A Smashing Entry

Your entry in the interview room will create the first impression in the recruiter’s mind; so make sure that you do that in a smashing way. There can be a situation wherein you might have waited for long for your turn to come and as a consequence you are completely exhausted. Get up and shrug yourself; splash some water on your face or have a cup of coffee. Feel good about yourself and eradicate traces of exhaustion or frustration.

How Can Right Body Language Land You A Dream Job

3. A Firm Handshake

Handshake comes naturally when you meet a new person, but know the fact that it is more than a gesture. The action is a first step towards developing a connection with someone and you will never want this to get failed, at any cost. Therefore, when you shake hands with the recruiter or the interviewer; keep in mind to make it firmer as this will ooze a lot of confidence. There is a little thing that you should take note of here and that is to wait for the recruiter to take the initiative and offer you a handshake. Maintain a good eye contact and a radiant smile on your face.

4. Keep an Eye Contact

It is important to maintain an eye contact during the job interview session. Maintaining a continuous yet non intimidating eye contact during the conversation can help you build trust and show that you are in control of yourself. An eye contact with the interviewer will create an impression that you are listening and showing interest in what the recruiter is saying. If there is more than one recruiter then make sure you look at all of them to an equal extent. This makes them feel that they are all important to you.

5. A Flat ‘NO” to Body Tics

Refrain from cracking your finger joints or body movements that leads to body tics. Experts believe that such movements can lead you into an awful situation.  Trying to crack the fingers or making hand movements will show that you are nervous and your state of mind is losing control. Don’t let that happen to you and refrain yourself from creating a poor impression of yours.

In a Nutshell

Body language is one of the deciding factors for your job interview. As an applicant, you should be having the right documents but more than that a good attitude and a no-nonsense body language is also important. Be upbeat and maintain that very radiant smile and make the recruiter to just tag you as a ‘go-ahead’ one.


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