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Ottowa Citizen has reported that the cost of a relationship can be a lot higher than we might expect. It can be easy to think that having two people to share the bills can help financially, but actually a relationship can be expensive.

  • Costs Of A Relationship: 

    Rate supermarket has been quoted as estimating that the average relationship costs $43,842.08. This seems a lot of money, but when you realise that they are only counting the time from first date to marriage and assume that is just two years, that is a lot of money! They do allow for the cost of the wedding, engagement and a lot of dates in that figure. It is average too and so it could be a lot less, but it could also be more.This figure may seem a little odd, but it is important to consider that there are costs of being together. You will want to do things together and it is likely that you will want to get married as well. This cost does not even consider the cost of children or buying a property, which will be even higher.

  • How To Manage Costs: 

    This therefore highlights that fact that it is important to manage money carefully. You may have a joint salary to pay for things but this does not mean that you should go mad on spending! You need to consider the future as well and whether you want to save any money. You should also keep track and make sure that you are living according to your means as you do not want to accumulate debts for your future.It is therefore important to be honest about your finances. Work out what each of you is earning and spending and then see whether you are making ends meet. It can be wise to pay off debts and make sure that you keep spending down so that you can save towards things like a wedding or engagement party. You may not be thinking about getting married, but it is still worth being prepared financially for the future. It is always good to have extra money just in case you need it.

  • Money And Relationships: 

    Money can be a problem in relationships. If you are not open and honest about it, it can be the cause of rows. If you get in to financial difficulties, then the stress of that can cause arguments. It can be difficult if you cannot afford the things that you need. It is therefore wise to discuss money early on in a relationship and make sure that you have a similar opinion about it. Make sure that you agree on how to split bills and things like that.So money can be a very important issue in a relationship. There are a lot of things that cost money and it can be easy to get in to debt. Staying open about money and finances and planning well for the future can make a big difference. Not only will it make things easier financially, but it will also help the relationship as money troubles can often lead to problems in relationships.

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