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How Technology Makes Life BetterPeople measure the quality of their life by many things. Some think that having a family or lots of money equates to a high quality of life. Others simply want the things in life that are up to par with the way technology is running the “day to day” from the way we communicate and play to the way we work. Some of the inventions of 2013 provide people with high-tech gadgets that make life easier and more enjoyable.

Good for the Body

Several of us have jobs that require being on our feet all day long. Nurses, retail clerks and construction workers are almost entirely on their feet 5 days a week. Even if you are wearing orthopedic shoes, most people still get aches in their feet. Thanks to inventions like the Rhythm Touch Accu Slippers, there is a product to relieve pain and stress from the body caused by excessive standing and wear on your feet. These flip-flops provide total comfort by sending low-frequency electrical pulses to the bottoms of the feet. These slippers are also ideal for diabetics, as they encourage greater blood flow through the feet.

Great for Playing

Summer is upon us, and who doesn’t love the water. But sometimes we risk the integrity of our iPods by using them in or near the water. Listening to our favorite “summer hits” while wake boarding or floating on a raft out on the lake can enhance our enjoyment, but all it takes is one fall or slip and you just lost $300.00. But now there is another option. The Dri Suit for iPhone is not only waterproof, it also allows the phone to be completely submerged to 5 meters (about 16 feet). The device even has a protected channel so shallow divers can listen to music underwater. According to the product’s website, this awesome new tech toy has the following features:

  • Proprietary integrated audio jack
  • Full functional use of headphones
  • Fluidic touch screen
  • Full touch screen capabilities underwater and in any weather
  • Easy-to-use dial latch ensures a solid seal
  • Internally cushioned for shock protection
  • Waterproof tested to five meters

This is a great tech toy for fun on your snorkeling trips, or even a useful product if you dive for golf balls or scrape the bottoms of boats for a living.

Making Work Easier

Many of us have the privilege to work from home. Entrepreneurs and small business owners rely on the best equipment on the market to keep operations running smoothly. When it comes to computing, having access to all your vital data and documents from any location in the world is necessary. Now you can build your own cloud by connecting a USB storage drive to your router and attach a network storage drive for “anywhere” access. You can pick up the right equipment at any big club store or off an online store. Just make sure the devices have the proper ports and features required by letting a sales expert know exactly what you are trying to accomplish with your cloud setup.

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