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A long time ago, humans communicated using body language in communication. The body language referred to nonverbal communication or used other visual instructions as a form of long-distance communication such as smoke or flags. Now, along with the development of communication tools, communication has evolved into a facilitator for various kinds of activities that we do in our daily lives. In an era of instantaneous like now, everything is related to the use of communication technology to disseminate information to a broader audience. The types of data or models of news can now be sent through various types of communication media, especially modern communication media to a much wider audience.

Various information and communication technology equipment are scattered around us. Try to look at the minimal information and communication technology equipment at home. Computers, television, radio, telephones are only a small part of the many information and communication technology devices that have been found by humans. Actually, what is information and communication technology? Information and communication technology is the technology needed to process data, especially the use of electronic computers, communication equipment, and the application of software to convert, store, protect, process, transmit and receive data from anywhere at any time. The presence of the internet as a communication medium has made it easier for people to work from home, study distance, and so on. Then, what is included in information and communication technology equipment? Here are some of them.

1. Computer

Computers are one of the information technologies that develop very quickly. Computers are one of the electronic devices and mechanical devices that make it possible to bring mathematical functions to a higher and more accurate level. Computers can store and process information and display calculations through a data processing machine. The main features of computers are computing, information storage, communication, and supervision.

2. Telephone

A telephone is one of the communication technology equipment. This telecommunications device allows two or more users to have a conversation when they are too far away to be heard directly. The telephone is also interpreted as a device designed to transmit and receive a human voice simultaneously.

3. Radio

Radio is an information technology that uses radio waves to transmit information such as sound. Radio is systematically regulating the properties of electromagnetic energy waves transmitted through space such as amplitude, frequency, phase, and so on. Radio communication systems require transmitters and receiver. Each of them has an antenna, and other appropriate terminal equipment such as microphones on wires and loudspeakers at the receiver in terms of the voice communication system. Like television, radio also has the function of mass media which is entertaining, informing, socializing, and providing knowledge to the public.


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