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The people are the most valuable resource a company could have, and therefore, it makes sense to invest both time and money to motivate your employees. Many business owners underestimate the value of a motivated worker, and see only the extra expense, which comes at a time when downsizing is in order. The difference between success and failure could ultimately depend on the mind-set of your staff, so with this in mind, here are a few great ways to keep the workers motivated and happy.

Share your vision

This is vital if you expect others to go that extra mile. As the creator of the business, you will have very clear goals and ideas about where the business is going, and if you don’t share these with the people you work with, there is no collective vision. You should have a presentation that includes your plans for the company, both short and long term, and each person needs to see how their particular role is vital to a successful outcome.

Team building

Once you have your staff on the same page, so to speak, it is time to create a strong team relationship. There are many online suggestions for activities that promote a strong team spirit, and the main focus is on making each person having to trust another, and also to develop a strong desire to achieve.

Plan the event

You are about to invite all your staff to a celebration weekend, so planning is important. Your staff will undoubtedly ask what event we are celebrating, so tell them you are celebrating a new beginning, which is a nice build up to the actual weekend.

The right venue

If you’re going to impress your workforce, everything must run smoothly, and be well presented. You would need to find a venue that specialises in conferences and seminars, as they would be fully equipped to provide you with all the necessaries. If your business is located in Western Australia, there are function rooms in Perth that are ideal for team building activities, and with a range of packages, there is something for every event.

An established conference venue would have an event manager who would liaise with you to ensure that your event goes smoothly. Part of the experience is for the business owner to project an image of self-confidence in their staff, so it is vital that the event goes well.

The right environment

Your chosen venue should have a range of ambient levels, the main meeting room, a relaxation area, perhaps by the pool, and quiet corner for informal discussion, and of course, nice accommodation. If you want your people to feel special, you will have to splash out a little. The investment will be well worth it in the future.

Once you have a schedule worked out, and the right venue to support you, you can begin to open your workers’ eyes to your vision of success, and once they have climbed on board, the only way is up!


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