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Management of paid search is very important for a business. Paid search is one of those channels where a business can get a lot of data. When making decisions, sometimes a business is unsure what things to give priority or what should be given least priority.

It is important to optimize paid search campaigns on a regular basis. Prior to beginning campaign optimization, you need to have a profound understanding of what your business expects from paid search campaigns.

Budget and Search Impression Share

One of the important features to optimize is search impression share and budget. It is important that top performing search campaigns get maximum budget. Reviewing search impression share is very important in a business.

Adjustments of bids

Bid adjustments are not just based on keyword performance. It is performed at various different levels. The traditional system of bid adjustment is performed at the keyword level. Automated adjustments of bids based on the performance of a keyword versus their objective, is making good money for businesses.

You can find several different parts of a paid search campaign, where bid adjustments can be applied. This includes adjustments of bids by hour of day, device, audiences, location, etc.

You can take help of several digital marketing companies to efficiently manage your paid search campaigns. Professionals at these firms have specialized knowledge that lets them effectively design campaigns that meet the goal and requirements of an organization thoroughly.

Hour of Day and Day of Week

Another way to optimize paid search campaigns is by adjusting bids by “hour of day”. You need to exclude certain day of the week or time of the day depending on performance to assure maximized outcome. To lower cost/ conversion, it is required to showing advertisements at the time of top performing hours.


Location is another important criterion, that can determine the level of paid search campaign optimization. A business needs to constantly review and make adjustments to reach their goal and make their campaigns highly efficient. A business needs to bid down on bad performing locations or can consider eliminating them completely.


Performance of keyword is very important to review optimization of paid search campaigns in a business. If the keyword is failing to perform despite making bid adjustments, reviewing search queries, and testing, then they need to be eliminated completely from the campaign.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are often overlooked feature of website optimization. They are very important and have the potential to convert visitors into customers. Where ad and keywords get users to the website, landing pages closes the deal.

Advertisement copy

Ad copy is a significant aspect within paid search mechanism. It should be optimized and tested. A business should use methods to determine ads that bears the highest click-through rate.


A business that is marketing across several campaigns or channels, should see which of these channels are performing best for primary KPI. Once you gain an understanding of the best performing campaigns and channels, budget can be allocated accordingly. So, these are the best ways by which you can optimize your business in the best way.


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