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There are many people who have complaints regarding the slow download speed or the website taking too much time to load and open even if they have high speed internet connection. The problem behind these kinds of situations is the poor content delivery network. For the efficient and fast website downloading and surfing it is necessary that the website should have a good CDN across the world. In order to accelerate website, many business or brand place their servers across many geographic location all around the world. This helps the servers to respond to your request in the quickest possible time. The server located closest to your location will handle your request. Shortest route will provide you with minimum request time.

How To Accelerate Your Website?

Reasons to use CDN

There are several reasons behind using the content delivery network services. Some of the important aspects of CDN are highlighted below.

  • Global reach: A CDN provides you with global reach which means your website will be available in very country as well as people will be able to use your services without any kind of interruption or delay in the service or request. Most of the global brands use this service in order to serve their customers.
  • Less response time: This the main problem for which this system is being introduced in the IT industry. Connecting with the distant server can result in long response time as well as in loss of data. CDN provides you with less response time as well as better connectivity and no loss of data.
  • Region wise services: CDN provides you with the facility of providing its specific content to specific region. There are many companies which focus on certain region; with the help of a CDN they can provide their certain services to certain location. For example if a brand wants to enhance the sales in Asia, then the brand will only select those servers which are located in Asia to post its promotions and deals.


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