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An economizer is a component that helps to reduce the bills and increase the energy efficiency of a device. A lot of people do not know of its existence but they are present along with air exchanger or heat exchanger of the HVAC system. The economizers were not present in the older days and can be said as latest innovations that utilize the air outside when the system reaches a standard temperature or the levels set by the user.

Many people considering the use of economizers to have provided them with ‘free cooling’ as there is no need for running the compressor. Needless to say, a compressor can absorb a lot of electricity resulting in unbelievable electricity bills. The presence of economizers can help in reduction of bills and save a lot of money. The AIC Heat exchangers come with economizers that are optimal for saving electricity and helps the individual to save huge amounts of money as well.

Different Types of Economizers

There are several variations to the economizers and they all have their advantages. So, let’s look into the types of economizers that are well-known in today’s market.

Dry Bulb Economizers – A sensor within the component helps to detect the temperature of the outdoor air. When the outdoor temperature reaches 55°F or any temperature set by the user, the dry bulb gets into action. It opens a damper with the help of an actuator and allows the outdoor air to mix with the air inside. This results in gradual cooling with the help of outdoor air.

Single Enthalpy Economizers – These economizers work in complete contrast with the dry bulb variety. They detect the humidity levels in the air outdoors. This helps them to determine the optimal time for air exchanger mechanism to work. As humidity plays an important role in temperature balance, the single enthalpy economizer works well than the dry bulb. However, they require constant surveillance and scheduled maintenance. Without proper maintenance they tend to become inaccurate.

Differential Enthalpy Economizers – These economizers take into consideration the enthalpies of return and outdoor air. This helps them to determine the optimal damper modulation allowing performing well with the minimal cooling enthalpy. Some models get integrated with the Thermostat directly resulting in a better performance.

Benefits of Using Economizers

There are many wonderful benefits of using economizers along with the HVAC systems. The main advantages are no doubt saving of money and reduction of energy utilization. The other advantages need mentioning as well and are given below:

Ventilation – Economizers can be installed with sensors that can detect the CO2 levels of the air. If the sensors detect excess of Carbon dioxide then the economizer will allow fresh air to pass through the ducts ensuring proper ventilation throughout the area.

Energy Reduction – As mentioned earlier, compressor is the main culprit for getting more electricity bills. The economizers are great at keeping the compressors at check when there is no need for them. Therefore, there will be less utilization of energy and electricity.

Life span – It is found out that the utilization of economizers can help in the extension of life for other equipment. The wear and tear of the equipment will be reduced tremendously; hence one can extend the life of other equipment to thousands of hours.

Therefore, make sure to have an economizer when going for an HVAC system. If unsure ask about them and make sure to have it.


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