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RV is essentially a bus with an accommodation and amenities designed for the whole family. So, it will eventually break down and things won’t be good if you are stranded at a remote place that is even beyond cellphone coverage. Not anticipating for potential RV breakdowns can be hazardous for both your family and wallet. The best thing to do is to perform routine checkups. By being proactive, you will be able to prevent long term problems. Because RV is complex and expensive, you need to implement aggressive routine maintenance and preventative care. This will make sure your RV will be able to run smoothly. It will be expensive to ask the nearest tow track to travel 100 miles to your location and bring you to the nearest, reliable repair shop. The user manual should be included with your RV and it contains a recommended maintenance list and procedures. The longer you delay a maintenance detail, the more painful it will become. Think of it like dealing with your dentist. Routine maintenance schedule may include engine once-overs, radiator flushes and oil changes. It should be quite easy for you to get out of the possible problems. If you are a permanent RV-er, vigilance could become a full time job and you need to be on the lookout for possible problems. You should do the walk-around ritual around your RV before starting a long-distance trip. You need to do this even after you bring the RV to the repair shop recently for a comprehensive maintenance task.

There could be minor details that you miss and you can do last minute adjustments and repairs to ensure comfortable and safe trip.  Check for any puddle of fluid under the RV. Measure your tires and check the underneath of your chassis for anything that’s out of place. That are minor details that you can notice during the walk-around, such as exterior compartments that are not fully latched. Towing connections may not be entirely secure, while antennas and awning may not be fully retracted. Most RV-ers are not mechanic whizzes, but they can still do light maintenance tasks. They should be able to them at house and make good connections with their own RV. In the end, even if you have performed all the possible maintenance tasks, you should still expect for the inevitable. Eventually breakdowns will happen. It could be a strange noise under chassis and you discover that it’s caused by a wobbly wheel. Find out whether it is safe for you and your RV, if you drive slowly to the nearest RV repair shop. If not, you may need to call the mechanic to go to your place with his pickup. If the problem is severe enough, your RV will need to be towed. So, you need to know the locations of RV towing and repair services along your travel route. Call them to make sure that their businesses haven’t been closed down. With proper maintenance, you don’t need to worry about many things.


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