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Whether it’s in a retail or exhibition environment, choosing the best way to show off items to advantage is essential if you’re to make the most of your display space. Glass cubes provide a stylish and versatile solution for many display applications.

Why Cubes?

The cube is unique in geometry as it’s the only regular hexahedron. Its regular shape makes it useful in a number of applications, since it offers easy-to-use space that can be easily stacked and fitted together.

The cube is commonly employed in displays as it can be an individual piece to show off a single item or be built into a larger display. Cube displays come in a number of different formats and sizes. They can be interlocked to form larger and more complex displays or used individually to highlight a particular high-value item. They can be constructed from solid materials such as plastic, metal or wood but are also available in glass or acrylic material and with metal framing if required. Cubes can be used with a floor stand or on tables, or they can even be suspended on cables to create a floating display space.

In retail use cubes make for an attractive and robust in-store display, allowing consumers to view goods from all sides. They can also be used in window displays – particularly if they’re made of clear materials – as their design offers a low-key and unobtrusive way of displaying products so that they’re visible from all angles and can be lit in a number of ways to create an attractive display.

Of course, glass cube displays are useful for exhibitions too, whether that’s in temporary environments such as trade shows or in more permanent museum and gallery displays. Again, they make it possible for objects to be viewed from all sides, and their versatile stacking design means that they can be deployed in different ways. A single cube can be used to show off a signature piece, or a group of them can be linked together to show off a number of related objects in an attractive way.

Another advantage of glass and acrylic cubes is that they give you plenty of options when it comes to lighting your items. Thanks to their having clear or open sides, displays can be lit from the side, above, from the rear or from the front to show off items to the best advantage. As an alternative you can also use a lightbox to light clear cubes from below if required.

Tubular Cubes

There are various types of cube display. Tubular display cubes are ideal for larger and heavier items. They have a strong aluminium frame made of 25mm tubes, which makes them robust but also low in weight. Acrylic shelves at the top and bottom combined with open sides make it easy to display products but still have them accessible, so these are a great choice for retailers.

The cubes are supplied flat-packed for ease of transport and are simple to assemble using just a rubber mallet. Note that once assembled they’re not designed to be broken down and moved, so they’re best for semi-permanent display fixtures. Individual cubes can be stacked together safely using special connectors to lock them in place when creating larger displays. They can be bought as single cubes, and they’re also available as pairs to create a double height display.

Flatpack Cubes

For showing lighter items and for those displays that need to be dismantled and moved, such as for exhibitions, there are flat-packed acrylic cases available. These use an interlocking system, which means they can be assembled, fitted together and dismantled quickly. It also means they can be easily adapted to different locations and requirements, so they’re good for travelling exhibitions or for window displays that change on a regular basis.

There’s no doubt that acrylic and glass cube displays offer a versatile and attractive option for showing off goods or objets d’art, whether that’s for semi-permanent displays or for constantly changing window or exhibition spaces. If you’re showing off a number of small items or a single piece, a glass cube will show it off to advantage without the display itself getting in the way.


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