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Web Designing: 5 Ways To Increase Sales

Sometimes some sales elude us for money reasons. In fact, most of the time it’s all about money. So how to pass before your competitors even if you are a little more expensive than they? How to swing a sale in the right direction, even if the client was not necessarily party to sign? We’ll see some simple methods to help you sell more.
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Web Designing: 5 Ways To Increase Sales

Offer Payment Facilities

As you know, we are not all of the Rothchild family, so what we will do with it! So when you buy something that has a price, we try to see if we could not spread the cost over several months. Some physical or online stores offer financing and other offer outright payments in three or four times for free. This type of payment facility helps both the buyer to have fun, and the seller to its sale. Imagine you buy a sofa to 6000 euros, it is not necessarily easy to get out 6000 euros like that once, it is often even impossible, and not to propose funding would simply blow the sale. By offering a payment by installments without fees or financing, sale immediately becomes easier.

My web designing agency http://www.customlogoonline.com/ offers business customers the website creation, logo and any other product and communication service. And long ago I decided to allow my customers to pay in installments, at no cost. And three out of four times, my clients pay three to six times for free. For some large expenses I even authorize a payment twelve times for free. In my industry and in many sectors, almost no company offers to pay toll, it can be a competitive advantage. However, if the cash your business is struggling with a payment in several times without fees being, just to offer funding.

Create Offers for Subscription

Again you can save sales through deals with subscription, but on top of that you can literally double or even triple your sales! Why? Because an expenditure of 25 euros a month seems a lot cheaper than an expense once 600 euros. Yet after two years, the company earns more money and continue to pay. It’s like this for years, telephone companies have made much money. They do not dissociate the service (the telephony package), product (phone), so, we customers every month we were paying for our sometimes too expensive line rental, plus our phone, even when this phone was paid for a long time!

Some companies have understood the power of subscription offers and make their business model. Therefore, companies are developing for example by offering rental cars or luxury watches. This is advantageous for everyone: the buyer drives a nice car that could not otherwise afford, and the company gets the product by having it partially pays. This is very interesting for the company because admitting that the product be profitable in three years, following years the product saves a lot of money to the company. But it is not only in offering rental of goods that you can earn money. For example you can offer a subscription to your website with a member of the privileged space and content, or a subscription to a service.

Multiply Payment Methods

On the Internet, we see all too often sites take a single means of payment such as MoneyBookers-Skrill. Personally I do not have a MoneyBookers account and have already closed a window because there was no other means of payment and I had bothered to create a MoneyBookers account. Assume that your customers are like me: they bothered. They want to make their purchases on the Internet without taking the head and having complete confidence. But it is also the same for a physical shop or a traveling company, ensure that customers can buy a maximum of means of payment. Everyone does not have a MoneyBookers account, everyone has no cash on oneself, and everyone does not have a check book or credit card.

Here, take an example. There is not so long I had a hungry ogre and I live in a small village where McDonald’s, Quick, and other KCF are 5 km away. Okay, it’s just 5 km off, but that night I was really lazy … and very very hungry. Fortunately there are a pizza truck less than a kilometer from my home, where pizzas are delicious. I ran to my car (yes I am able to run to eat) and I’m going to the pizza truck. When we got there I asked him if he took the bank card, stupidly, and he said no. And I never for other payment method on me, I had more than I rarely check and cash on me (yet it is a good way to manage money). So I went to fast food…

Grant Temporary Discounts

Which is no purchase during the sales? Ok, me when I’m “doing balances”, I arrive in a shop and I’m attracted to anything that is not in balance, the new collection really. But this is because the presentation is often poorly done. On one side you have the products that come out, tidy, and the other a pile of clothes in bulk everybody balance in every sense. However when I am attracted to a product and I see it as a reduction in general I rush, because the offer is presented differently, the reduction is presented differently. The sweater balance will remain on sale tomorrow and after tomorrow. And unless it is really beautiful and it remains little copy, logically there will still be some time.
But imagine that you are in front of an irresistible offer, product or service that could really improve your life. And then you learn that this product is reduced until tomorrow at midnight. How will you react? There will be this urgency that will give you the urge to buy now and not later because there will be this famous 20% discount or 30% that will make you say that you made a good deal. And here it’s you against you. That is to say that the product has already convinced a part of you, and you’re trying to convince yourself that you may need this product or service. Make your customers are saying, “Yes I need it, I need it now buys is what I need.”

Providing Exceptional Bonuses

In the same way that the great discounts, sometimes there are bonuses that switch a sale. A product or service associated with that usual, pays and becomes free just for today. This free bonus, if he is really good, can really change a sale. If you think carefully, you’ve probably bought something because there was the bonus that made you think “it’s a good deal, I have dark”. As for the temporary reduction, the bonus also has a time limit. “Until Tuesday at midnight, take advantage of this special offer, product / service usually sold X euros, is offered”. The bonus must be interesting enough to tip the sale.

Basically the customer has to say he wanted to buy this product, but also that with this bonus does not hesitate at all. My site building business, I sometimes make offers with for example a logo provided for the purchase of a website. These promotions greatly increase my sales because people know the price of a professional custom logo design and usually they say they save several hundred euros, and it’s true, they really save several hundred euros. The basic package gives them already want to buy the product, they weigh the pros and cons because it is a major purchase, and they need to take a maximum of thing into consideration in making their choice. And there: they see the bonus limited in time and they say they needed this and they do a good deal.


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