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How Does Online Counseling Help Individuals?

Online counseling is the latest therapeutic service. There are many advantages of online counseling service over the traditional face-to-face therapeutic counseling sessions offered in just every country. Due to the advent of modern technology, online counseling service in Tustin has also grown expanding from simple email based therapeutic communication to face to face communication via live chat and internet based video sessions. In online counseling, computer and internet take the most vital part.

What is Online Counseling Service?

In the basic online counseling service, the client generally writes out their problem and sends the information to the online counselor via email. The online counselor or the therapist then replies the email within a couple of business days. This is generally considered one session. The fee structures generally vary from place to places.

Convenient to Use:

The greatest advantage of online counseling is the convenience of use. The traditional therapy generally takes long days to complete, in which the client first goes to the office. The appointments are generally made during the office hours, this means that the clients need to leave a working day and drive to another location in the city.

Less Time Consuming:

The therapy session may take only about forty-five minutes and sometimes, the total times may be a couple of hours. On the other hand, online counseling generally takes place in the comfort of room and it is generally based on the customer’s own schedule. With the advent of wireless technology, online counseling can now be available literally just about anywhere.

Less Expensive:

Online counseling is relatively less-expensive than traditional in-person or face-to-face counseling session. In Tustin, regular counseling can cost roughly from $65 to $120 or more per one hour. On the other hand, online counseling is available is cheaper than the regular counseling therapy.


Another important advantage of online counseling is in its anonymity. This means, clients can be in ease knowing that they are not being observed and scrutinized by professionals. As a result, self-disclosure and honesty tends to occur more quickly because of anonymity. This is the reason why online counseling is an ideal option for people that are shy and have social anxieties. This is also good for the individuals who have transportation limitations since they can receive therapeutic session via online counseling by sitting at home.

There are people that can express themselves better in writing than they do in person. For such people, Tustin counseling services offer a perfect avenue for discussing their problem with a professional therapeutic counselor . Another important facility of this type of counseling is that the emails sent in online counseling can be read and re-read allowing for review weeks or even months after the actual therapeutic session is complete.

It is true that online counseling can be fruitful and the most useful therapeutic resource for some people. It is a type of service that is sure to expand along with the advent of internet and computing technology. Since people’s life is becoming increasing complex and full of troubles, the need for this type of therapeutic counseling is also increasing.


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