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The word VFD panels would have fallen on your ears at some or the other point of time. VFD essentially stands for Variable Frequency Drive. These panels are interchangeably referred to as Motor Control Panels.

As you all must be very well aware, an electric motor takes and requires different levels of load, which is why the intensity of the voltage and frequency needs to be separately managed. This can be achieved by bringing VFD panels into the picture.

How To Choose The Right Motor Panels and VFD PanelsFactors to Consider while short listing a Panel Company:

  • Energy Consumption and Energy Savings: If the parameters of frequency and voltage go unattended, there are bright chances of the electric motor running at a lightning speed even when not required. This in turn shoots up the energy consumption level. Rise in energy consumption would lead to energy costs surging up as well. You can prevent occurrence of such a situation by choosing one such panel company, which is able to offer VFD panels that help reduce both energy consumption as well as energy costs.
  • Level of Production: Each and every manufacturing unit out there aims to increase its level of production. An increased production level guarantees a steady improvement in the profit graph as well. In quite a lot of situations, only because the electric motor fails to run at an appropriate speed, the production level either remains constant or drops substantially. If you wish to support your production function and counter jerks, then opt for a panel company, which can offer motor control panels that can serve the above purpose.
  • Equipment Maintenance: If you fail to run the electric motor in machines crucial to your organization at the right speed then you are likely to face problems such as overload, under voltage and over voltage to list a few. These hurdles would bring down the performance of the machines essential to your firm. Similarly, these issues would lead to the life of your machines dropping down and so also increase in the maintenance costs. You can both monitor as well as prevent these obstacles by joining hands with a panel company that makes available VFD panels capable of controlling the above shortfall.
  • Resources Utilization: In absence of motor control panels, a good deal of human resources is directed to the production function alone. Since there is no external source to watch the running of the electric motor in your machines, manual attention becomes a compulsion. If appropriate utilization of resources is your primary objective, then make sure that you opt for a panel company that can make available panels to independently take care of the electric motor. If this is done, employees in your firm can be segregated over different functions, thus ensuring wholesome growth of your firm.

If you are a first timer, then you can research the internet and try to find out companies that make available VFD panels capable of fulfilling the above prerequisites.


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