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Any business that hopes to enter the online market needs an eCommerce website equipped with a shopping card software solution. One of the easiest ways to set up a website with online card payments processing is employing a credit card processing service provider. The provider then takes care of the security and the transaction process for your business. You can then channelize your focus on improving your products’ sales and other critical aspects of your business. However, having a basic understanding of credit card processing is imperative for an online merchant. In this write-up, you will read about the components needed for processing card payments online and the factors to be considered when choosing any such solution.

Online Credit Card Processing: What You Need to Get Started

Website: A website works as a medium where you display your products or services for online shopping. Such websites are referred to as eCommerce websites. The website should be simple, attractive, feature-rich and user-friendly, so that your customers can go through your products or solutions in a hassle free manner.

Shopping Cart Solution: An ecommerce website is usually equipped with an online shopping cart solution that helps your customers to accumulate multiple items for final purchase. This saves their time and enhances the overall shopping experience.

How To Handle Online Credit Card Processing?

Payment Processor: A payment service processor (a third party company that a merchant hires for credit cards processing) works as a middleman between the merchant and the card issuing bank. It receives and sends back the approval or disapproval of the card from the issuing bank to the merchant via an encrypted payment gateway.

Merchant Bank Account: A merchant account is a type of special bank account that a merchant opens with a merchant services provider for receiving card payments.

What to Seek When Selecting a Service Provider

–        Swift and secure transactions

–        Credible reputation in the industry

–        Reasonable service charges

–        Efficient support

–        Flexible and scalable merchant accounts

–        Comprehensive features for transaction processing

Finding a trustworthy service provider is instrumental for accepting credit cards on your website. That’s because the provider you select will handle sensitive card details of your customers. A proper ground check and references is also essential before employing an online credit card processing service provider. Most importantly, the processor you pick should adhere to PCI Security Council norms.

Summary: The write-up gives you an overview of how to handle online credit card processing. It discusses various parameters that must be considered before choosing the services and a credible service provider.


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