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We all know the saying “The customer is always right”, but is that really so? It is a fact that a high percentage of our customers take most of our time and yet they do not contribute much to the interests of the company. Syntax Managed Services wants to tell you that it is completely fine to stop collaborating with bad customers who only do more harm to your company than good. You have that right.

So, you need to identify those customers and get rid of them. No, this is not mean or unhuman, if you don’t do that, the company will suffer huge loss, because you only want to have customers who contribute to increasing your profit. Because there are good customers and there are bad customers and we need to be able to identify them on time.

What is the right way to deal with undesirable clients, clients who only bring problems and tension?

In every market in every country there are customers who know what they want and will pay for the service or product they receive without a single regret. And there are those who don’t know what they want and once they spend their money, they will regret it and will try to find thousands of ways to return the product and get that money back.

The first step is to identify the bad clients. You will recognize them immediately. They constantly complain about every small detail and they are the last ones who will release or send the payment. They will always want more from you. Many businesses have “unprofitable” customers but sometimes entrepreneurs are not even aware of it. But now is the right time to make a change in your business and deal with those clients that are only taking your time.

Every year make an assessment of all the customers you need to stop cooperating with if you want your business to grow. There are professional companies that can help you with it by making a list of all the people who are not letting your business grow. Once you have that list, you are ready to start working on the improvement of your business.

The first thing you need to do is change the attitude you have towards those people. Do not be rude, but simply show them your power. Give them a list of options and ask them if there is a way to improve your relationship so both sides can benefit from it. Ask them if they really want to buy the product/ use the service or not. If they want to have the product they will need to stop complaining about it. These problematic people will constantly try to return the product and ask for a new one, claiming that it is broken or damaged only because they have different expectations. You have all the right to terminate the collaboration with bad clients for the sake of your business.


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