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Latest Android applications

The offer for the eventful Cyber Monday is very much on for the full week for all the latest Android Applications (Apps). Look for some great deals from the famous Amazon. You can try the Amazon Mobile (tablet) which is embedded with the new version specifically built for pc tablets.

The fresh deal also applied for the other products like voice command app Utter’s beta version and the most popular and versatile Orgarhythm which is a game that combines the rhythm as well as the strategy.

Latest Android applications

As per the message received from the company’s website which you can log on to see the amazing deal. From the website one can see the amazing offer from the Amazon Mobile (Tablet) at no cost. What the deal is all about?

Yes. The amazing deal includes the new version of Amazon Mobile (Tablet) which has several cool features of Amazon’s Mobile apps that are now available to tablet users. The unique Amazon’s applications allow you to access the entire retailer’s catalog.

The amazing features include quick option with one click facility which can be used for simplified purchasing. With this great facility in the Amazon Mobile one can easily his or her order history and even other account details.

One can question these features to whom it is targeted by asking ‘Who’s it for?’ The right answer comes from the website that these features are pretty useful for individuals who uses Amazon for all the shopping needs with his or her Android tablet. This seems to be great gain from the Amazon’s mobile applications.

While striking the deal during the season, check out the other available features that are useful in the apps. A special application for Amazon MP3 allows you access to Amazon’s cloud drive services, a new apps added recently.

Use the option of Price Check when you are in other stores. The facility ensures you to have an effective shopping with your price bargaining skills. You need not have a check in other media for the price comparison.

Look for the fascinating utter!Voice Commands Beta. It is a feature that is offered free with the deal.  As it sounds like, this unique feature allows you to control your devise with your voice command. This salient feature is totally different from the other voice command apps by using limiting resources and run in the back ground of your voice. The ‘utter’ feature is a beta release which indicates the app is likely to have some bugs which are useful for the developers for looking the feedback before its official launch. If you are a fan of using the voice command you will surely like this app from Amazon mobile.

OrgarhythmTHD is yet another feature offered free with the deal. The technical feature has players moving troops around a battle field by keeping in step with the music. The feature has mixing gameplay elements in it with a mixture of two genres is really amazing. Fans of strategy titles and the rhythm games will surely love it .


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