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Magento, being the powerful e-commerce platform, facilitate vendors with numerous flexible options to enhance the scope of their particular online stores. The Magento extensions have a significant role in extending the online store’s functionality and integrating optimal features ideal for excellent user experience. In this regard, the store locator extension for Magento 2 is a great example that comes with seamless features to assist your customers in finding more about your online business.

Why seamless user experience is important?

The ways of digital marketing are evolving continuously. As people tend to interact with online domains differently, that is why the eCommerce business is so challenging.

Have no worries because there is a variety of ways to enhance customer experience and to increase the customer base. The Magento platform is well known for providing advanced applications and services that are significant to grow an online business. Merchants can easily explore Magento extensions that are relevant and substantial to their business.

A customer who has an excellent user experience is likely to revisit the particular e-commerce store, and he/she would recommend it to others as well. There will be a good return on investment when the users find it easy to make a purchase decision. Today, we are going to discuss more the features that are being offered through this particular Magento extension.

Dedicated Store Locator Page

The extension allows specifying store information on a separate web-page, which is convenient for customers to acquire detailed information about your online store. The amazing list view would highlight all of your store locations. The customers will find out about the store locations though embedded Google maps.  The e-commerce merchants can manifest page titles, headings, and subheadings along with the URL. The extension allows ranking your store locator page on the top of search results by providing SEO settings option. You can set the radius of the embedded maps and fix them in accordance with your page preferences.

Manage Store Locator Page Effectively

As you can integrate your store locations efficiently with the help of store locator extension, you can also specify the store title and description following the theme of your store. The store owners can manifest details about the opening and closing hours of the store, and they can specify the holidays as well.

Easy to Track the Store

The customers can now easily find the exact store locations with the help of a smooth search bar provided with the extension.  They can explore the precise driving directions by typing in the name of a particular store.

Custom Tags to Lead Customers

The custom tags have an essential role in making your online store more user-friendly. For e-commerce customers; these tags have an important role as they assist customers in reaching the desired web domain. The extension facilitates creating tags following the different sections of the website. Now you can drive customers belonging to the specific regions to the right areas of the online store.

Now you can highlight your store on the embedded maps by setting the longitude and latitude of the particular area where your store is located.

Applying Basic SEO Techniques

If you own an online store, then you want its web-pages to appear on the top of search rankings. Similarly, if you’re going to rank your store locator page, then you don’t have to look for external ways like back-linking to bring it in the spotlight. Instead, the store locator extension comes with built-in SEO settings to make it easy for search engine bots to extract essential information from them.  It offers to incorporate SEO Meta titles and Meta descriptions to rank quickly on SERP’s.

Final words

Abandon shopping carts is the major dilemma that e-commerce stores have to face these days. When the users find it complicated to make a purchase, they are likely to leave the online business domain regardless of the fact that the items they are going to buy are cheap and are of top-notch quality.

Also, if the shipping rates are high, and it takes ages to receive the ordered items, the users don’t bother to shop from a particular online store again. The extensions like store locator assists in making your store more appealing and the specified locations help customers to be timely acquire their goods.




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