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Cleaning things such as an aquarium can be troublesome especially if you are not aware of the things to do to maintain it. It’s not as simple as cleaning plates or cleaning your room. It requires a lot of work and some expert skills. Remember, your aquarium is made of delicate materials such as wood and glasses. There are times when there are electric cords inside of it and there are some devices put in there to help support the life in houses. With all of that being said, you really need to be guided accordingly in activities involving cleaning and maintaining things such as your 75 gallon aquarium.

Among these two, maintaining is the harder one because you have to see to it that each and every one of the components of your 75 Gallon Aquarium are clean and are in tiptop condition. To help you do that, you’ll need to learn some of the components of a large aquarium such as this one and how to clean and eventually maintain them. Below you will find some guides to maintain your aquarium.

The Process of Cycling

Cycling in this field is commonly referred to as the process of growth of bacteria in substrates and filters. You need not to be confused because we are talking about good bacteria here. Such microorganisms transform ammonia coming from decayed fish waste and even food into nitrate and nitrite. You can get rid of these end products by regularly changing the water of your aquarium – doing that will prevent contamination. Making use of little aquarium plants should also do the trick.

Doing thorough Cleaning of Aquarium and its Components

It is advised that cleaning should be done once every few months. You need to clean even the components of the aquarium such as its filter. But you have to keep in your mind that you need to maintain balance inside the tank itself. There is a need for bacteria inside your aquarium so when you get rid of them, you need to make sure you replace them because you don’t want to upset the delicate balance established inside your fish aquarium.

Conduct Regular Testing

There are many things that you should test with your aquarium and therefore it will be a good thing if you have those testing kits around. You need to measure ammonia level, ph levels as well as the levels of nitrites and nitrates. Keeping a record of all of these will help you monitor your aquarium and you’ll know if something is wrong with it. Salinity is also measured and tested for those using saltwater tanks.

These three should serve as the backbone for your entire maintenance of your house aquarium. You need to make sure that you do them regularly in order to achieve optimum results. There is no need to mention that you need to be extra careful when doing all of these things because one wrong move can cause big problems for your aquarium and the living organisms inside it.


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