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Heating systems are an essential part of the installation in homes. What kind of heating system you choose, depends on the available energy conditions, and budgetary funds too. To achieve and maintain thermal comfort in the house to use renewable energy sources, it is recommended installation of central heating with hot water. ecostrat will give you some small tips and tricks on how to save more in the heating season.

The use of renewable energy sources such as solar panels, biomass and heat pumps reduce heating costs and also contribute to environmental preservation. Costs for heating during the coldest winter months, are over 70% of total energy costs. This is the reason, when you purchase to select energy efficient appliances, but well maintained.Poor maintenance or neglect of the unit that provides heating is the No. 1 reason for problems.

Annually before the heating season it is necessary to call a technician to check the installation or the fireplace. Improper installation is causing insufficient fuel combustion and reduces the efficiency of the entire system.Before the heating season it is necessary to call the authorized person to check the heat.

Once a year hire an authorized person to check the flow in the chimney or clean the chimney. If the chimney is not cleaned it can lead to a return of flue gases in the room where the boiler is, and it cannot work with full capacity.

Ensure the smooth flow of air around the boiler, which is required for combustion of fuel in the heating process. Do not leave flammable items near the boiler.

Do not cover radiators with curtains or furniture because it reduces their heat.
Clean the radiator in order to ensure that dirt will not reduce their thermal power.
During the summer an air can enter in the heating system, which at the beginning of the heating season may reduce the capacity of the heating system. So let’s say that half of the radiator can be hot and half cold. It is therefore necessary to regularly maintain the radiators and the entire installation.
Check with a professional if the boiler is too big for the heating needs of your house. If you have a boiler with greater capacity than needed you may need to replace it.

Call a qualified person to check if the connections of the boiler to the chimney are well made for no discharge of flue gases in the room.

If you have a fireplace you need to close the door when not in operation, to prevent loss of heat through the chimney.

To ensure better combustion and efficiency, the wood should not exceed 10-15 cm.

By replacing the old boiler with a more efficient wood boiler you will save energy up to 50%.

Make sure you do the best for your home and ensure that it has enough heat during the whole season.


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