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Website Woes: 5 Reasons Your Company Isn't Succeeding Online and How To Recover

So, you’ve launched your online business and immediate success just hasn’t been yours. What gives? Online businesses struggle for all types of reasons, and the chances are high that the reason your business is having trouble is already on this list. These are five different reasons why your company just isn’t succeeding online.

Your Users Can’t Navigate Your Site

One of the top, most common reasons companies don’t succeed online is because the websites are navigable. Maybe the call to actions are hard to find, or it’s hard to get from page to page because there’s no clear navigation system. Consider the fact that users could be having trouble getting around on your site.

 Website Woes: 5 Reasons Your Company Isn't Succeeding Online and How To Recover

You’re Not Using the Help of Professionals

Another problem is that your marketing efforts could be futile and worthless. By enlisting the help of professionals such as Edgenet, Inc., you could improve your marketing strategies ten-fold. Don’t underestimate the return on that kind of investment.

Your Users Are Put Off By Your Landing Page

If your home page or landing page is cluttered with a video that automatically plays, “Buy Now” buttons scattered everywhere, and an obvious pressure to buy your product, it is likely that users are immediately hitting your back button. Users browse the internet mainly for information; give that information to them in a limited quantity before selling them the product that would ultimately fix the problem.

Your Users Can’t Tell If You’re Legitimate or Not

 Website Woes: 5 Reasons Your Company Isn't Succeeding Online and How To Recover

Users are more cautious than ever when buying or shopping online now; they want to know that the sellers they’re dealing with can be trusted. If you don’t offer any proof that you exist as a company online, the chances are low that consumers will want to do business with you. Make sure that you provide a telephone number, address, and security badges on your site in easy-to-find spots.

Your Design Isn’t Up to Par

Lastly, it’s highly important in this day and age that you make sure your site doesn’t look as though it was designed in 1995. A nice design layout and interface will be easier on the eyes and thought process. Remember that.

Above all, before you make any changes, you should simply take a look at your site as if you were a user. Pretend you had never seen it before, and try to envision the website owner selling the given product to you. How would you react? Use these tips and this strategy to move onto a better website and business.


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