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As all good things in life come for free we decided to offer you this amazing software for iCloud Removal Service for free too. We have decided to keep making you happy and now, with the latest update you can be even happier because you can iCloud Removal Service on the newest Apple iPhone models iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. As you know they run on the newest iOS version- iOS 8.3 but our tool supports that version too. you don’t need to pay for fancy software and get lost I thousands commands that you don’t understand, you don’t have to go to Apple stores and beg them to bypass the iCloud lock on your device, nor do you need to buy any strange hardware, which might not even work. Since you are reading this you have finished half the job. Now you need to find the links provided here and click on them. Then follow the steps as in the order below:

How to Use iCloud Removal Service

  • Install the iCloud Removal Service tool on your computer (it makes no difference if it is a PC or a Mac.
  • Next, unzip the installed file and start it.
  • Prepare your Apple device by putting it on DFU mode and then connect it to your computer using a USB cable.
  • Following this step would be to pick the exact model of the device you want iCloud removed.
  • Wait for the initialization process to start. This means that the tool works on completing the lock removal on your phone directly in Apple’s database.
  • Soon after this is completed an automatic rebooting process will start which signifies the final step of the iCloud lock removal
  • When you get the notification that the reboot is completed that means that the remove of iCloud activation lock is competed too.

Now that your phone is iCloud Removal Service you can set a new Apple account with the same or different personal information. This process is great if you want to sell your phone or if you bought it second hand. You can recommend it to anyone who wants to removal the iCloud lock on their device because everyone is a winner in this story. The whole Removal procedure is literally as simple as it appeared to you when you first read the step-by-step instructions. Download the iCloud Removal Service tool for free and share all of your comments in the section bellow.


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