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Importance and Benefits Of Display Ads For PPC

A common payment plan and digital marketing tool accessible to companies are PPC (Pay-Per-Click). This is an example of online marketing in which advertisers need to pay the price to a search engine each time their ads get clicked. 

An important benefit of PPC is that it enables you to achieve the desired audience because the ads from your campaign are specifically shown to the people who are searching for a product or service related to the ones you offer. 

Therefore, it assists in boosting traffic to the website to drive additional conversions by getting to the interesting leads. 

A recent study conducted states that PPC visitors are 50% more probable to buy a product or use a service as compared to organic visitors. Through this post, we are going to discuss the significance of display ads to find out the reasons why these are vastly utilized by PPC services.

Visual Appeal 

One of the major advantages of display ads is the fact that they are nothing but graphic content, which means they may be designed or styled. 

Ordinary Search Engine Marketing (SEM) ads are text only, with character counts, restricting how effectively or quickly a seller is able to catch attention to convey their message. 

On the other hand, with display ads, it is possible to use graphics, audio, video, as well as your company’s branding for standing out to the users and draw their attention.

Brand Awareness

The visual element of a display ad also helps your company by promoting brand awareness. In the case of a PPC ad, the user has to go through the text and then click through to reach a landing page to know about the said business as well as its offers. 

Due to display ads being branded and styled, sometimes with the offer, the user can gather knowledge about your brand just by looking at your display ad, without a necessary click.

Effective Targeting 

When advertising online, it is crucial to target the audience that is most relevant to the business. 

Similar to SEM or Facebook Ad targeting, it is a good idea to create particular criteria for display ads: the sites they appear on, the geographic location they appear in, and the demographic market they appeal to. 

The advantage of specifying the target of the display ads is that it lets a digital marketing company maximize your spending.

Boost Visibility 

Even though display ads target particular audiences, this is not the same as limiting the visibility of an online business. They give you the capacity to come up on sites that are highly trafficked as well as pertaining to the offer you present in your ad. Display ads profit your business when they get you in front of a good volume of the correct audience, even if someone has not been searching.

Providing Data

It is crucial to be capable of measuring your marketing activities, for instance, by utilizing Google Analytics, to keep a check of their performance. Platforms providing display advertising services offer this advantage to your company. 

With the help of the data provided by it, it is possible to know precisely the number of times your ad has been clicked. 

The ability to keep a track of your investment enables you to guarantee that you are reaping the best out of it.

Retargeting Support

Along with standard targeting capacities, display advertising further allows for retargeting. Through retargeting, a company can put forth their ads to people who previously visited their website. 

This is a great way to get in touch with people who have already shown interest in your business and might still be evaluating your business.


The visual appeal of a display ad to capture attention coupled with the ability of a PPC ad campaign to drive increased click-through rates could help improve your business. This is the reason why specialists at every top SEO agency combine display ads with PPC services for creating a successful digital marketing strategy.


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