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The education industry in India is the largest in the country having a market size of 450 million students and generating a revenue of $50 million every year. It has been projected that the education sector in India will grow by 15 % in the period of 2011 – 2021. At the same time distance education is becoming increasingly popular in the country.

Importance Of Online Education In India - Enabling Higher education

India is considered to be a market with great potential and the same applies for education as well. This is due to the fact that there is an increasing number of aspiring candidates who wish to opt for distance learning and hence there are many foreign investors ready to invest in the sector of distance education in India. These foreign universities are chiefly interested in the higher education segment in the area of distance learning in India. They offer advanced programs, special training for skills etc. The focus is also to enhance the popularity of online education in the country and develop ever new methods which make the courses like distance MBA, distance nursing courses etc better and at par with regular courses.

Even the government has taken some steps to promote foreign investment in the sector of online education in India, which has enabled students to earn online MBA and other degrees from global universities. The foreign education bill was passed in 2010 which encouraged foreign universities to set up shop in the field of online learning in the country. The opening up of the correspondence education sector in the country to foreign universities is providing the students with a chance to attend world class programs and hone their knowledge and skills. They no longer need to go abroad to pursue such courses because of the availability of online learning in India.

In an economy that is completely globalised, this endeavor has projected a dynamic industrial scenario and opened up the windows for foreign collaboration in the field of correspondence education in India. Each correspondence course provided by foreign as well as Indian universities is affordable and yet provides world class education. Earlier correspondence education in India was looked down upon, but nowadays the changing scenario has made employers look up and take notice of degrees and diplomas of correspondence course in India. The application of modern technology in the imparting of learning has made correspondence learning the preferred choice and the popularity of correspondence learning in India is increasing every day.

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