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Improve Productivity With Cloud Based Maintenance Management Software

Maintenance management software is designed to manage requests for maintenance and price for the work, without visiting the site, where possible.  It will enable you to provide a better quality service, whilst tracking your staff to ensure they are reaching the targets you expect from them.  Management software can allow you to track your technicians and allocate jobs according to which is closest and likely to be finished with their current job first.

The best products, show as the cloud based maintenance management software  will give you a great deal of control over your customer base; their information and the repairs completed will be listed and enable you to target them according to what they need.  It can also provide you with a tracking system to ensure any equipment lent to your customers is returned.  Finally, maintenance management software will improve your productivity via the following methods:


Every member of your team will be responsible for their time and the quality of their work.  Knowing that they are responsible and that their work can be monitored will ensure every job is completed properly in the minimal amount of time.  Not only will productivity increase but your customers may also be charged less and be even more impressed with the service.


Cloud based maintenance management software has the ability to track your staff, their location and even the amount of time taken to complete a job.  This will provide you with a range of reports that will allow you to assess each employee’s performance and where they may need help or additional training.  Ensuring every member of staff is at the peak of their potential will ensure that not only is productivity maximized but so is the level of service you can supply.

Employees who know their vehicles and job progress is tracked will ensure each job is dealt with effectively and efficiently.

Customer Feedback

Software such as this can also be used to create automatic emails.  This can be good for marketing purposes or for reminders that a service is due.  However, it can also be used to send a customer satisfaction report.  The report can be automatically released as soon as the job is marked as complete, the customer feedback which many customers will provide will be genuine and helpful to ensure all employees are working to the best of their ability.

Staff Input

Cloud based systems can be accessed and updated by both the head office and the technician on call.  This means that the most up to date information can be provided to the technician and from the technician.  The technician on a job can mark the job as complete, suspended or even in progress, depending upon the status of the job.

Notes recorded on the system are immediately accessible to all members of the team and can be referenced or accessed according to the needs of the job.  As the system is cloud based it is immune to local power failures or server issues, the cloud retains the information and allows you and your staff to access the information; even if you only have a cell phone available.


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