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The Psychology Behind Great Business Names

Domain names have significant role in the success of your business and it is one of the most important decisions you should make for your business. Domain name will stick with your business for a long time and it categorizes and labels your business. Your business name will be remembered very easily if you are able to select a domain name that matches your business name. This is also helpful for keeping your branding unified and cohesive. Here is an evaluation of the psychology behind great business names and the rules to select the best one.

Make It Memorable

Brain has remarkable memory powers, but it is hard for your brain to remember long domain names. So, it should be unique, visual, catchy and organized. You cannot create the best domain names by simply combining ordinary phrases or words. If you are able to create something more memorable, it will affect more areas of your brain. You can enhance the memorability of your domain by suggesting something that can be touched or seen. You should also select a name that is easier to say, repeat and read.

Basically, memorization is the process of organization and the brain always likes things to be organized. If the domain name is more organized, it will be more memorable.

Make It Simple

Domain names should be very simple. If you are able to create a name with 2-3 words and a dot com extension, it will be very powerful. You should strictly avoid dashes, numbers, extensions (except .com), abbreviations, ambiguous words, and creative spellings. Names such as The Dzign People, Kleen Machine, etc. are not effective domain names.

Make It Relevant

Your domain name should reflect some aspects of what your company does or is. Good company name should be unique and attention grabbing. People may forget bland names of companies very easily. It is also very difficult to find an available domain name as well. Relevancy has greater role for getting attention in the overcrowded market place. But, you must keep in mind that some of the most dominant and valuable brands have domains and names that are totally non-descriptive for their services or products. Some of such brands are Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Yelp, Bing, Apple, etc. You need not select a keyword-dense domain name as your business name. Your business name should be allowed to take precedence over keywords.

Make It Easy to Remember

If you want people to remember your domain name, it should be short. People will not have patience to type long domain names. Some business owners select a name, which is stuffed with keywords. The url of such people will be agonizingly long. This is not the perfect way to get the best domain name. You can select short and sweet names. Even if your domain name does not contain any keyword, short domain names will be highly powerful, effective and striking.

Getting the Best Name

Lots of companies have been investing huge sums of money for finding a good, brandable company name. Psychology has greater role in this name selection. When you select a company name or brand name, you must consider various factors. Facebook, Apple, Google, Twitter, etc. are some of the most successful companies. The common factor in all these companies is their names are simple and it consists of only two syllables. Thus, these names are extremely memorable and catchy. At the same time, it implies certain degree of simplicity. So, you can create simple solutions, which fit perfectly into this hectic lifestyle.

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Consider Preferences of your Target Audience

When you select a name, you should consider the perceptions and desires of your target audience. It depends on the level of creativity you employ. If you are targeting the corporate sector, you need not focus on using slang, which is more appropriate for companies that target teenage audience.

If you are focusing on global audience, it is better to rely on English rather than local languages. But, you can use some words in local language if it is helpful for avoiding confusions and problems that are associated with localization and transaction.

Some generic words such as Simplify, Secure, etc. may seem to be excellent choices for you. But, the startup market place is overcrowded. So, this may be overambitious undertaking in such circumstances. It is always better to create names by using simple words that makes your area of business transparent to your target audience. Your domain name should be relevant to your company name, which is extremely important.

You should consider all these factors while selecting a domain name for your company. Domain name is the most important aspect of the identity of the brand. You can create the most impressive and effective domain name if you follow these simple rules.


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