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Increase Website Profits With Heat Mapping & Optimisation

Conversion rate optimisation experts specialise in optimising website components like landing pages, web design, and web programming. Seeking help from optimisation experts can boost overall website conversions by up to 100% or more.  While it can be quite profitable when done properly, a poorly executed conversion rate optimisation project can waste a lot of time and money.

Increase Website Profits With Heat Mapping & Optimisation

In fact, many website owners have already tried their hands at conversion rate optimisation even if they don’t realise it.  Any time you test price points, use split testing, or rewrite any conversion-oriented content on a website, you are optimising for higher conversions.  Unfortunately, most DIY optimization projects end badly and the reason is very simple:

Because the Website Owner Never Knew What Specifically Wasn’t Working.

Take any sales page, for example, and just look at how many different sales tools it contains:

  • Grab Attention/Introduction
  • Define Problem
  • Aggravate Problem
  • Solution to Problem
  • Credibility Tools
  • Primary Value Proposition
  • Emotional Call To Action
  • Logical Call To Action
  • Post Script
  • Social Proof

The higher the price point and more complex the product or service is, the more sales tools you typically need to convert prospects into buyers.  Add to this fact that most sales tools are 50-200 words in length, and you are looking at a lot of possible problems with some serious work to optimise the page.  But you have to start somewhere, and most DIY conversion rate optimisation services perform one of three ways:

1. Start Split Testing Headlines
2.  Start Testing Price Points/Offer Details
3. Rewrite from Scratch

The problem with the first option is that headlines don’t drive conversions.  Instead, a headline only pulls prospects into the copy (unless it’s a squeeze page) and has no direct correlation to conversions.  In fact, only an offensive and disconnected headline will negatively impact conversions.  Which means splitting test headlines won’t drive up sales.

The second solution, testing price points, there is no doubt that lowering price will boost conversions.  But who wants to lower price points and sacrifice profits? No one.  But to raise price points, you need to modify value build and other sales tools. So unless you’re product or service is over-priced by a significant degree, price point testing won’t boost your online profits.  This is why conversion rate experts first dial-in the pitch, then adjust price point.

Lastly, starting from scratch is just too expensive.  Even worse, if you didn’t know what wasn’t working the first time, how can you be sure you’ll fix it in the rewrite?

For these reasons, conversion rate optimisation experts use heat mapping software to optimize sales pages and other direct response content.  Heat mapping software like Crazy Egg make recordings of visitor mouse and thumb scrolling to see exactly where people are going on your site.  This data is then compiled into a heat map where areas of high engagement are red or yellow and areas of low engagement are blue or green.

Increase Website Profits With Heat Mapping & Optimisation

To optimise, simply rewrite the sales tools in blue or green and leave the rest in place.  Just take a look at the screenshot below to see what we mean:

For best results, you really want a professional conversion rate optimization expert to optimisze sales pages and other critical direct response content on your site.  But, for the committed DIY optimiszation website owner, heat mapping analysis can help you quickly find the problems in your direct response content so you can quickly and effectively boost conversions and online profits.


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